Kyle Petty Ruthlessly Snubs Michael McDowell With 7-Word Rant


Former driver and current racing commentator Kyle Petty is renowned for being a vocal personality in NASCAR. He is often seen lending out his knowledge on the various aspects of stock car racing on different platforms. Petty deeply understands how things work in the Cup Series. With the playoffs starting immediately at Darlington, the 63-year-old has some advice for the drivers yet again.
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On his list of drivers, this time arrives this season’s Indy Road Course winner, Michael McDowell. However, McDowell receives an unexpected piece of Petty’s mind, which he would have hoped would indicate better things for his campaign.
Kyle Petty believes that the path ahead is only more arduous for McDowell
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In a fresh upload on NASCAR’s official YouTube channel, Kyle Petty analyzes the season’s first playoff race at Darlington. The Cook Out Southern 500 provided the fireworks for this weekend with the abundant talent in the sport on display. The racing action witnessed by everyone was a reasonable consequence of the drivers going all-out against each other in the regular season to qualify for what can be considered the natural selection process of NASCAR.
In the video’s concluding moments, Petty jibs at the Front Row Motorsports veteran, possibly hinting at an exit from the post-season. Discussing McDowell’s dismal outing at Darlington, Petty said, “I don’t think they’ll recover from that”.
McDowell’s road to the playoffs was one laid with thorns. Having to fight for a place in the playoffs, McDowell produced an unexpected yet dominant race at Indianapolis with three races to go in the regular schedule.
However, if we are to go by the advice of Kyle Petty, things will only get tougher for the 38-year-old as the desperation for a spot in the next round increases among the drivers. The situation is truly concerning for McDowell, whose race was marred with unfortunate incidents.
Petty impressed by Larson’s performance at Darlington
When the topic of discussion gravitates towards Hendrick Motorsports #5 Kyle Larson, Petty has a different joy in describing the way he raced at Darlington. Larson brought forth his best form to complement the creative side to his driving to grab a first ever win at the venue.
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Petty complimented Larson‘s outing as he states, “Right up next to the wall, a couple inches away, beating and banging off the wall, but never really slowing down. That’s that sprint car, that’s that midget type racing that those guys grew up on. Great to see what those guys could do and Kyle Larson checks the Southern 500 off his list.”
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Larson started the race from P18 and that was another hindrance for him. Making way to the front row was a big ask from the 30-year-old in itself. However, considering his talent and likeliness to perform on big occasions, Larson turned the race around on its head, crossing the checkered line before any other driver.
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According to Petty, Tyler Reddick was another strong contender for some of the best racing on Sunday. Reddick fought his way back into the front row but lost out narrowly to Larson, who claimed the lead in the final stage after coming out ahead of the grid after going into the pit lane.
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