Lakers Players Urged to Get Behind Bronny to Avoid Becoming LeBron James’ 67th Career Trade


The Los Angeles Lakers have had an underwhelming 2023-24 season so far. Fans of the Lakers expected them to challenge for the NBA title. However, things haven’t gone according to plan for the Lakers. They currently languish outside the guaranteed playoff spots in the 9th spot. The Lakers are in dire need of help. And it looks like the Lakers’ hierarchy are actively exploring the trade market for potential solutions.
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In recent weeks, the Lakers have been linked with Atlanta Hawks’ guard, Dejounte Murray. Their interest in Murray is reported to be quite serious and reports have emerged that the Hawks already rejected an offer from the Lakers. The Lakers’ poor season, coupled with swirling trade rumors, have created an atmosphere where players on the team are constantly on edge, uncertain about whether they might be the ones traded.
However, 3x NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas has a suggestion for the Lakers’ players. In the latest episode of the NightCap podcast, Arenas urged players to support LeBron’s son, Bronny, as a way to gain favor with LeBron and subsequently reduce the likelihood of being traded. He said, “You cheer for him (Bronny) like he’s your son. And therefore, the father of the son might consider you a friend and might consider you to stay on the team.”
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It’s no secret that LeBron James wields great power when it comes to decision making. When LeBron joined the Lakers in 2018, the Lakers’ hierarchy were pressured to orchestrate a blockbuster trade for Anthony Davis. Meanwhile, talented young players like Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram went the other way to the Pelicans. This meant that since the Decision, 66 players on LeBron’s teams have been traded. Now LeBron would not pass up an opportunity to bolster the current roster and add another NBA title to his already impressive trophy cabinet. However, can the Lakers complete an improbable turnaround and make a deep postseason run?
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Can the Lakers complete an improbable turnaround?
Following their defeat to the Hawks, LeBron voiced his frustration regarding their inconsistent performances. He said, “We could, on any given night, beat any team in the NBA. And then on any given night, we can get our ass kicked by any team in the NBA.” LeBron hit the nail on the head with his remarks, as their inconsistent performances have perplexed fans and analysts alike.
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Despite possessing the likes of Anthony Davis and LeBron James, the Lakers look devoid of any offensive inspiration. With the trade deadline just a week away, the Lakers’ management need to act decisively in order to equip LeBron and AD with adequate quality for another assault on the NBA title. While the Lakers have every chance to make it to the playoffs, a deep postseason run looks extremely unlikely. Can the Lakers make it far in the postseason? Can they win it all? Let us know in the comments below!
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