Lewis Hamilton Makes Honest Confession About ‘Favorite’ Girl Serena Williams: “Great Energy”


Lewis Hamilton’s life outside F1 is one that never ceases to amaze fans. Aside from his bold fashion choices and ventures into films, fans love to see his rapport with other influential beings in the world of sports, like Serena Williams. As they both are the GOATs of their respective sport, seeing them together is always a delight. And recently, the British driver sent an endearing message to Williams that was nothing less.
Answering questions from fans, Lewis Hamilton made a heartfelt gesture to his close friend Serena Williams, having nothing but praise for the 23-time Grand Slams.
Lewis Hamilton gives Serena Williams a new title
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In a video by GQ Sports, we see a fan asking Lewis Hamilton about his ‘favorite sporter outside motorsport’. His prompt answer was none other than his longtime friend, Serena Williams. Hamilton showered Williams with praise, but not just for her craft at tennis.
Lewis Hamilton listed down all his favorite things about Williams, particularly her being a bundle of fun and her special skill at karaoke.
‘Her competitive spirit’ was also on Hamilton’s list. He went on to say, “Has to be Serena. She’s just a bundle of fun, great energy, a serious competitor, loves karaoke, like with a real passion, and just playing. She’s just a playful person.”
Moments of respect as well as banter between any two greats usually find a special place in fans’ hearts. But when it is Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams we are talking about, the feeling is tenfold for tennis and Formula 1 fans.
Lewis Hamilton’s longtime friendship with Serena Williams explored
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Perhaps Hamilton’s admiration of Williams is no surprise. He and Serena, on multiple occasions, have spoken extensively about their strong bond. In that regard, the two find a lot of common ground. Both are sports persons who dominated their respective sports at a time. Who better to understand the struggles of being at the top?
Hamilton once went on to confess about Williams being his trusted confidant. Similarly, Williams has backed up Hamilton’s records and victories regularly. At one time, she claimed she believed Lewis Hamilton was, in her eyes, a 9-time world champion.
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What would be the ultimate gift for fans would be seeing the two meet up again, maybe even during one of the races being held in the United States, for a spot of karaoke.


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