Listen to Episode 88 of ‘Marchand and Ourand’: ‘TNF’ flexing


The NFL’s decision to add flex scheduling to Amazon’s “Thursday Night Football” schedule is this week’s top topic, with hosts Andrew Marchand and John Ourand discussing the move from the perspective of the fan, the league and Amazon.
The hosts then dive into ESPN issues from inside information around the company’s decision to hire Pat McAfee to updates on its latest round of layoffs to an in-depth discussion of its direct-to-consumer plans.
Other topics on this week’s podcast include the problems around the Big Ten’s media deals that will start in three months; the problems around the Pac-12’s media deals that still seems a ways off; a preview of the NBA Finals; and a review of CBS’s performance around the PGA Championship.
As always, Marchand and Ourand start the podcast by picking the sports business types who had a good week and the ones who didn’t.
This segment includes Roger Goodell, Britney Griner, Jason McCourty and Kevin Warren.


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