Maximizing Sports Sponsorships: Tiger Pistol’s New Playbook for Beverage Marketers Puts Sports Fans in Focus for On-Premise Success


Discover the Winning Strategy for Driving Sales with Local Social Media Advertising
CLEVELAND, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CGA by NIQ , the trusted on-premise measurement, insight, and research consultancy to food & drink businesses across the globe, recently published a series of reports that demonstrate that the future of pubs and bars is intrinsically linked to sports fans.
To aid beverage marketers seeking to effectively promote sports sponsorships, nurture trade relationships, and engage customers, Tiger Pistol , the most advanced collaborative advertising platform, released a new comprehensive playbook. “Converting Cheers to Sales: A Social Advertising Playbook for Beverage Marketers to Boost On-Premise Sales” explains how beverage marketers can leverage their sports sponsorships through local social media advertising that drives engagement at local retail and on-premise locations.
“While beverage brands often channel resources into sports sponsorships and product placements, CGA’s research begs an alignment of these strategies with local bar and restaurant watch parties,” said Sarah Cucchiara, VP of Business Development at Tiger Pistol. “Through local social advertising, beverage marketers can combine their recognizable brand creative might with their trade partners’ local clout to boost sales and become the go-to brand for local sports fans. Our new playbook reveals how this strategy drives foot traffic and revenue for trade partners, strengthens brand-trade relationships, and creates a direct link between the brand and its consumers.”
Cucchiara adds that beverage brands who collaborate with their trade partners on local social advertising for live watch experiences will yield more lucrative results and build on their sponsorship investments.
“The research shows when sports fans visit their local pub or bar to cheer on their favorite team, they stay longer, they spend more, and they come back often. It’s the perfect combination to drive sales,” said Cucchiara. “Brands that use local social advertising to tie their sponsorship to local venues tap into the incredible power of sports fandom and local community spirit to drive sales and extend their sponsorship investment.”
Don’t miss out on this game-changing resource that promises to redefine the way beverage marketers approach promoting sports sponsorships. Download “Converting Cheers to Sales: A Social Advertising Playbook for Beverage Marketers to Boost On-Premise Sales.” today from .
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