‘May She Rest in Peace’- America’s Former First Lady’s Saddening Demise Turns Billie Jean King Emotional as She Pens a Heartfelt Note


Apart from Tennis, Billie Jean King has a very significant identity as an activist. She has appreciated, known, and valued other women who have stood strong in front of the world. Recently, the 12-time Grand Slam champion shared a heartwarming tribute message for Jimmy Carter’s wife while grieving losing Rosalynn Carter, the former US first lady.
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Rosalynn was best known for her work outside the White House and advocated alongside her husband for human rights, democracy, and mental health around the world. But she gained popularity in the US, after becoming a passionate champion of Mental Health and women’s rights.
Billie Jean King’s tribute to Rosalynn Carter
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Earlier this year, the 96-year-old medal health activist was diagnosed with dementia; she lost her life in front of your family at her home in Plains, Georgia, this Sunday. After hearing the sad news, the 79-year-old American tennis legend took to her Twitter account to share a message about the Carter family’s loss.
She wrote, “Rosalynn Carter was an advocate for mental health and a champion for equality and human rights. Thinking of President Jimmy Carter and their entire family as they mourn her loss. May she rest in peace.”
She has played a huge role in Jimmy Carter’s long political career, as she was the heart of the campaign. In addition, during that time, from 1977 to 1981, she also stood out as the First Lady intended to be involved in policies. She got married to Carter in 1946 and created several longevity records as they became a long-winded couple and presidential couple. On the other hand, Jimmy Carter, who is 99 years old, is the oldest living US president.
The 12-time Grand Slam champion has drawn inspiration from the former US President and his wife. Even Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, awesome other tennis giants, are also inspired by Carter’s act of public service and his philanthropy.
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Evert and Navratilova were left inspired by Carter’s words
Earlier this year, Navratilova took to her Twitter account to describe how Jimmy Carter is “one of a kind in every good way possible”. Along with that, she also talked about how he served humanity and highlighted the good that came from Carter’s possessions.
She showed her gratitude by sharing David Beard’s post on Twitter, even after Evert’s accident, when the 99-year-old former US President returned to his philanthropic work, even after having a little accident. Evert talked about how even after having a severe fall, Carter didn’t stop his work, displaying his determination and commitment to helping people.
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Nevertheless, may Rosalynn Carter’s soul rest in peace.
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