Miami Open Final: Frustrated Tennis Fans Air Bizarre Concern Despite Danielle Collins’ Epic Showdown Against Elena Rybakina


The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami had to go through a complete change as it became the arena for the Miami Open 2024. While the tournament covered a long way to finally have Danielle Collins as the winner with 7-5, 6-3 over Elena Rybakina, the organizers made every possible attempt to set the stage on fire.
While everything else appeared to be relevant, the fact that there were so many empty seats became a pit in the overall vibe. Being annoyed with that particular aspect, the fans took to social media, in order to drop their views about the possible reason behind the vacant seats.
The Hard Rock Stadium, which has been the home to the NFL team Miami Dolphins has a wide capacity of 65,326 seats in all. While it could be a number that the Super Bowl events could easily achieve, the fact that the Miami Open finals don’t attract such a wide audience is what the fans believe. A fan, expressing his disappointment over the Miami Open setup, mentioned that it is, “just disgusting…”.
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Another fan, being sad over missing the expected vibe at the arena, believed in the same theory. “It’s a football stadium so it might just look too big,” he concluded.
Adding up to the pre-ignited discussion, a fan disregarded the event, mentioning that it is a “boring final”.
Another comment, summarising information about the women’s finals match, also noted the fact that the “Stands are empty.”
Along with the ones who were disappointed after being present in the arena, a fan also mentioned a flaw that could be seen in the live stream. Urging the broadcasters to not present the panoramic view, he wrote, “it’s disgusting, please don’t do that.”
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With these and several other similar comments down the line, it was clear that the vacant seats in the women’s singles finals acted as a point of disappointment and distraction for the fans.
Nick Kyrgios chooses old Miami Open courts over new ones
The disappointment of the fans because of the vacant seats is just one thing. Along with the fans, it seems like the players are also not satisfied with the switch in courts. Recently, Nick Kyrgios shared a video on his Instagram story in which he prioritized the relevancy of the old courts.
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The video gave out a glimpse of the side-by-side comparison between the old Miami Open courts and the new ones, built at the Hard Rock Stadium. As the debate continues to surround the stadium’s relevancy for the event, it still remains to be seen if it will be reconsidered in the future.


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