Miami Open: Tennis Fans Show Their Frustration as Jannik Sinner Put in the Same League as Grigor Dimitrov


Jannik Sinner and Grigor Dimitrov have stormed into the finals, setting up a match date at the Miami Open. With an age gap of 1o years between them, this is a match between two different generations characterized by their playing styles. Apart from having a career-high ranking of No. 3 in the world, there is virtually no similarity between the career trajectories of the two.
The same holds true for their respective paths up till the finals at the Miami Gardens, to which the fans have reacted strongly giving the Bulgarian an edge over the young Italian.
Grigor Dimitrov vs Jannik Sinner – ‘road to final’
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Reacting to a post on X by the Tennis Channel, which was captioned “Not an easy path for either competitor” and listed down their opponents through their “road to the final,” the fans have swayed heavily in favor of Dimitrov, suggesting that he had a much difficult journey to the finals than Sinner.
Reacting to the tweet, one user uses sarcasm to portray his disbelief in portraying the two journeys being similar.
The user says that the post is “pretending” to believe that the journies have been similar, by stating that they were both difficult.
One fan poses a rhetorical question to highlight the difference in their journies.
He seems to be pointing out the number of quality of opponents faced by each player, suggesting the numbers to be on Dimitrov’s side.
Another fan cannot believe someone as credible can make such unreasonable comparisons.
The fan clearly questions the process of coming up with such an analysis of the stats at hand.
Assisted by an idiom in his reaction, one fan says that he has the correct analysis.
The fan says the number of top ten players Dimitrov faced is more than the number of top ten players Sinner faced. Making the Italian’s “road to the finals” look like a “piece of cake”.
Another fan points out the discrepancy in their comparison stating that the only top ten Sinner faced was also out of form.
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The fan says, that Sinner facing Daniil Medvedev in the semis was the only tough match, but only on paper as the Russian was not even close to being true to his usual form.
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The stage is set for a blockbuster final that’ll set the Miami Gardens alight! The German-speaking Italian vs the Bulgarian, both looking to step into the clay season on a strong note!


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