Michigan booster pinpointed in NCAA investigation as funding alleged sign-stealing operation, per report


A Michigan booster at least partially funded the alleged sign-stealing scheme spearheaded by ex-Wolverines staffer Connor Stalions that has rocked the football program, according to Yahoo Sports. Michigan linebackers coach Chris Partridge, who was fired Friday morning, is also alleged to have participated in destroying computer evidence after the scandal came to light, according to the report.
The booster, referred to as “Uncle T” in the NCAA’s investigative findings, allegedly gave Stalions thousands of dollars to cover expenses for the advanced scouting operation, which involved purchasing tickets to upwards of 30 games involving Michigan’s Big Ten opponents and potential postseason opponents over an extended period of time. Stalions was suspended shortly after the scandal broke and later resigned after reportedly refusing to cooperate with the NCAA’s investigation.
As for Partridge, he was not believed to have knowledge of Stalions’ operation until after the fact, subsequently acting to cover up evidence. Partridge was in his first season of his second stint on Michigan’s staff after previously working with the Wolverines from 2015-19.
The NCAA’s ongoing probe into Michigan resulted in the Big Ten issuing a three-game suspension for coach Jim Harbaugh on the basis of the Wolverines violating the conference’s sportsmanship policy. The Big Ten classified the suspension as action against the university rather than a specific sanction of Harbaugh, who initially challenged the punishment. However, Harbaugh and his legal team reached an agreement with Michigan on Thursday in which he accepted the suspension in full, ending litigation between the two sides. Harbaugh has not been proven knowledgeable of the alleged scheme.
No. 3 Michigan plays at Maryland Saturday before concluding the regular season against No. 2 Ohio State in their annual rivalry game. The Wolverines already won at Penn State during the first leg of Harbaugh’s suspension.


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