MLB AL East: Do Baltimore Orioles Become the Team to Beat With Corbin Burnes on Board?


Remember the days of “Orioles Magic”? The packed Camden Yards stands buzzing with hope? Well, dust off your orange and black because that magic might be returning to Baltimore in a big way. The offseason trade for ace pitcher Corbin Burnes sent shockwaves through the AL East, igniting questions that have baseball fans on the edge of their seats: Have the Baltimore Orioles morphed from plucky upstarts into legitimate contenders?
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This isn’t your grandpappy’s Birds anymore. Gone are the days of scraping for wins and hoping for an upset. Today’s Baltimore squad boasts a formidable offense, a young core brimming with talent, and now, with Burnes, a bona fide ace at the helm. This potent mix has been sending shivers down the spines of their rivals, leaving us with one burning question: Can they dethrone the division’s established powers and claim their rightful place atop the AL East?
The Birds Soar: Are Baltimore Orioles ready to unseat the AL East elites?
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Let’s face it, the Orioles were good last year. Really good. Their 101 wins weren’t a fluke, fueled by a potent offense and a young, hungry core. But their Achilles’ heel was starting pitching depth. Enter Corbin Burnes.
The reigning NL Cy Young runner-up has a resume that boasts three All-Star appearances and a sub-3.00 ERA in three straight seasons from 2020 to 2022. He instantly slots in as the team’s ace, solidifying a rotation already featuring breakout star Kyle Bradish and emerging talents like Grayson Rodriguez. Suddenly, the Orioles’ pitching staff, once a question mark, looks like a potential strength. But wait, there’s more!
The Baltimore Orioles aren’t just good now—they’re on the way to being scary good for years to come. Remember those eight top-100 prospects they boasted last year? According to The Baltimore Sun, they still have six on Baseball America’s 2024 top-100 list, including the consensus No. 1 overall prospect, shortstop Jackson Holliday. That’s not to mention the likes of Joey Ortiz, Coby Mayo, and Colton Cowser knocking on the big league door. This farm system is the envy of the league, and it’s continuously churning out future stars. Adding to the excitement is the Orioles’ recent change in ownership.
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David Rubenstein’s $1.725 billion purchase brings fresh faces and, potentially, deeper pockets. Baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. joining the ownership group, adds a touch of nostalgia and Baltimore spirit. Could this new era usher in a period of sustained success similar to the New York Yankees’ dynasty under George Steinbrenner?
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But hold your horses…
While the Baltimore Orioles’ future is undeniably bright, let’s not crown them champions just yet. The AL East is a gauntlet. The Yankees, despite losing out on clinching Burnes, are still a powerhouse, with Gerrit Cole leading the charge. The Tampa Bay Rays, known for their “Moneyball” magic, will be hungry for revenge. Don’t forget the Toronto Blue Jays, the young team on the rise with a potent offense. But there’s still a looming contract conundrum: can the Orioles keep their ace?
Burnes is a free agent after the 2024 season, and with his talent, he’ll command a king’s ransom. Can the new ownership group afford to extend him? Will the allure of the open market tempt Burnes? This looming contract question adds another layer of intrigue to the Orioles’ story. So, what’s the verdict?
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The Baltimore Orioles have all the ingredients for a championship run: a deep, talented roster, an impeccable farm system, a dominant ace, and a promising future. Whether they can translate potential into reality and navigate the treacherous waters of the AL East remains to be seen. The Birdies better buckle up, because the Orioles are ready to take flight, and their journey promises to be one heck of a ride.


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