Multi-sport bettor scores $54,000 win that had .02 percent chance


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A multi-sport betting aficionado did it big on Sunday.
Imagine flipping a coin 19 times and correctly predicting which side it would land on every time.
That’s close to what this bettor did on Sunday, nailing a 19-leg parlay and winning a tasty $54,772.13 prize.
The parlay bet consisted of three different sports, with five NHL bets, six NFL bets, and eight NBA bets.
None of which were props; they were all moneyline winners with two underdogs predicted to win outright in the New York Giants vs. New England Patriots and Phoenix Suns vs. New York Knicks).
The total odds came out to +547621 or .02 percent implied, nearly the lowest implied odds we’ve seen this year.
An NBA parlay winner placed a 19-leg parlay themselves and won nearly a million dollars at 6,000/1 odds last week.
The full bet can be seen as follows.
Red Wings -108 + Blues -155 + Hurricanes -310 + Predators -108 + Oilers -285 + Bucks -800 + Celtics -325 + Timberwolves -265 + Suns +136 + Magic -270 + Nets -180 + (NY) Giants +180 + Titans -180 + Rams -155 + Eagles -155 + Chiefs -485 + Ravens -162 + Cavaliers -118
As usual, there were some close calls, including the Eagles’ ridiculous comeback against the collapsing Bills, and the Giants’ Tommy DeVito leading an upset victory against the Patriots.
Some of the bigger favorites included the Chiefs (-485) to win outright against the Raiders as massive favorites and the Bucks (-800) to beat the Trailblazers.
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Damian Lillard of the Milwaukee Bucks dribbles against a defender. Getty Images
That one was way too close for comfort, though, as Milwaukee had to outscore Portland by 21 points in the fourth quarter just to win by six points.
Imagine your one losing leg on the biggest favorite on the card. It nearly happened.
But it was “Dame Time” for Damian Lillard, who led his new squad to victory against his tanking former teammates.


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