‘My Body Is Not Picture Perfect’ – Serena Williams Exhorts Self-Love in a Swimsuit as She Battles Postpartum Challenges


American tennis legend, Serena Williams, is a true source of motivation, isn’t she? Time and again, she has changed the perception of the public with her strong views on various social elements, like gender equality and motherhood. Additionally, she is known to take bold steps and is never afraid of society’s backlash. Recently, she took one such bold step in front of her millions of fans.
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Last year, the former World Number 1 was blessed with her second child, Adira. While Williams had a difficult first pregnancy, the second one went comparatively smoother. Months after turning mother for a second time, the younger Williams sister spoke about her body.
Serena Williams makes a candid revelation
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As Williams’ second daughter nears turning 6 months old, the mother is adjusting to her post-pregnancy life. On this occasion, she highlighted a bodily change that occurred following her pregnancy.
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The American legend took to her official Instagram to highlight this case. Sharing her picture in a swimsuit with daughter Adira in her arms, Williams said, “Loving yourself is essential. I find that I have to remind myself of that self-love through all different stages in my life. Right now I love that my body is not picture perfect.”
Further, she went on to add, “I love that I smell like milk – that milk sustains @adiraohanian I love getting to know a new version of my body. It is a change, but it’s a change that has been well worth it. So start this week, knowing that you are loved, and that starts with you. Ok, now I’m about to go to the gym.”
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There have been many changes in Williams’ life after welcoming her second daughter. Not just on the personal front but also on the professional front, she revealed how motherhood has brought up a change.
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What did Williams say about motherhood?
The 42-year-old is slowly and steadily returning to her work after becoming a second-time mother. Williams has founded many brands during her career apart from her tennis exploits. However, Adira’s adorable presence didn’t let her complete her work once.
In one of the Instagram stories, Williams explained, “I was trying to get some work done. But she would not go in the crib. She just decided she wanted to sleep on me.”
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Nonetheless, Williams is known to be acing the battles, be it on the court or off the court. While juggling between motherhood and work life, the 42-year-old can handle both effectively.
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