NASCAR Star Publicly Slams ARCA Champ Sean Hingorani as Las Vegas Legend’s Antics Come to Light


In the autumn of 2023, Sean Hingorani etched his name in history by becoming the first driver of Indian heritage to clinch the ARCA West Series title. However, the young talent is mostly not remembered for his landmark achievement, but for having a knack for stirring the pot. His antics on the track often make him the center of attention, much to the chagrin of his fellow racers. Take his recent escapade in Las Vegas, for instance. It was classic Sean, turning heads and causing a stir.
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In fact, Sean’s penchant for causing havoc on the track isn’t new. His deliberate maneuvers have previously landed him in hot water, leading to a suspension from ARCA during the final laps at Mid-Ohio. And yet, history repeated itself in Las Vegas. This time, he spun out in a way that seemed to compromise the race for others, sparking a wave of frustration within the NASCAR community.
Sean Hingorani got criticized by a Cup driver
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Sean Hingorani, no stranger to controversy, found himself under the microscope yet again after a Las Vegas spin-out. This time, it caught the eye of Cup driver Josh Bilicki. Following a fan’s video post, which showed Hingorani’s in-car view and a caption applauding his dedication to securing fourth place, he said, “Gotta love Sean Hingorani. Glad 4th place meant so much to him,” Bilicki couldn’t help but weigh in. After confirming the video’s timeline, he dropped a scathing, sarcastic remark: “Wow. Pathetic. Sorry to see.”
But this wasn’t Sean’s first rodeo with such antics. In Mid-Ohio, the 16-year-old Sean was the talk of the town, nabbing the pole position in just his fourth ARCA Menard’s Series start. However, the race ended on a sour note due to a contentious move he made against his teammate, Dean Thompson, on the final lap. The clash not only spoiled their race but also marked the second time in less than a month that Sean caused an on-track commotion.
The drama unfolded with ten laps remaining. Thompson and Hingorani were neck and neck, battling for the lead. In a heated moment, Hingorani nudged Thompson’s car, leading to a chain of events that culminated in his car spinning out and returning to the track in a dramatic fashion, just short of the finish line. The move earned him a one-race suspension.
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Yet, it seems Sean hasn’t quite learned his lesson. Fans, too, are showing signs of weariness, openly expressing their frustration at his repeated missteps on the track.
Fans didn’t mince words about the ARCA Menards drivers’ questionable tactics on the track
As soon as the video was shared online, it opened the floodgates for criticism in the comments section. Fans didn’t hold back, with one suggesting, “He does that shit because he can, spin him next time you face against him. I would wreck him every time I get a chance.”
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Another racing aficionado chimed in with a tale from Vegas, recalling, “Saw him at the Bullring in Vegas racing ARCA West cars. His equipment was far and away better than anyones. Still managed to demolish the brakes on it due to overdriving ever corner and they caught fire under caution and ended up losing the race.”
One fan drew a comparison to John Wes Townley, remarking, “Bro trying to be the new John Wes Townley.” Responding to the video’s caption, one spectator noted wryly, “He must get 4th.” Another, familiar with Hingorani’s antics, added, “Typical Sean Hingorani moment.”
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The Mid-Ohio incident wasn’t forgotten either. A fan recalled, “wtf…did the same s*** to his freaking teammate at ohio in arca…the next nascar bust.”
It’s safe to say that Sean Hingorani will have to work pretty hard should he want to find a way in fans’ hearts!


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