NASCAR Veteran Insiders Warn of a Retaliation From Kyle Busch as the Fallout With Christopher Bell Intensifies


It is not every day that one gets a Cup Series race void of any on-track incidents, but Sunday’s race seems to be an exception. However, one cannot label the first road course race of the season as completely a peaceful one, owing to its off-track shenanigans involving a beef between two former teammates Kyle Busch and Christopher Bell. Although it appeared that both the drivers had reached a conclusion to their disagreement, it seems that retaliation is on the horizon as prophesied by veteran NASCAR insiders. The post-race confrontation between the two drivers was evidence enough that Kyle Busch is surely going to take matters into his own hands as soon as the next race.
Jeff Burton thinks Christopher Bell didn’t wreck Kyle Busch intentionally
The 2024 season so far has not been kind to the 2x Cup Series champion Kyle Busch. Whether it was mechanical issues or pit-road ruckus, the Richard Childress Racing seems to be drifting further away from earning his third championship. With the miseries intensifying each week, Busch looks to have reached his tipping point after being inadvertently wrecked by Christopher Bell.
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Initially, it was Kyle Larson who got wrecked by Bell at Lap 22, but Larson chose to gloss over the incident. However, the same cannot be stated for a similar incident that occurred almost twenty laps later when Bell did the same to Busch, which resulted in the #8 RCR driver directly confronting the #20 on the pit road post-race. Busch was clearly pissed off and though his monologue wasn’t audible, it was clear that he wasn’t going to let it go. And, even NASCAR veterans Steve Letarte and Jeff Burton think the same. In a candid conversation, Burton stated, “Yeah, Kyle Busch is mad and I think he has some reasons to be mad.”
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The former Cup Series driver also added, “It was a racing incident. He came out on the short end of the stick. He is expressing to Bell, ‘Hey look, I have never wrecked you. You have wrecked me multiple times, I am not going to put up with it anymore’.” However, Burton also added that Bell might not have gone after Busch intentionally, adding, “ I don’t think Bell went in there and just said, ‘I am going to wreck you’. He thought that Busch was going to stay high on the corner exit. He didn’t think he was going to turn that sharp. He thought there was an opening, so he drove it in there, but Kyle Busch was like- ‘Hey man, where did you think I was going to go?’ These things happen when you race, Steve. This won’t be the last post-race conversation these two have either.”
When asked by Letarte if Busch’s warning was legit or just blank words, Burton asserted, “I don’t think Kyle Busch is talk. Kyle was mad and we will see how he handles it..”
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Despite being spun out on the track, Kyle Busch was able to notch a top-10 finish in the race and provided momentum as they headed towards Richmond. Nevertheless, Christopher Bell did not dodge the mistake that he committed on the track.
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Christopher Bell delivers an apology for his on-track fiasco
It was surely a tough day to be a driver named Kyle, as both Larson and Busch fell prey to Bell’s invincible momentum. However, Bell was apologetic for his on-track actions and tried to apologize for the turn of events in his post-race interview.
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After being confronted with Busch, the JGR stated, “I mean, obviously he’s very upset, which he ended up turned around. First off, I’m sorry to (Kyle) Larson in the 5 car. I got him earlier in the race and by no intention at all, I didn’t mean to do that.”
“But KB is frustrated about what happened in Turn 1, and I don’t know. They were two-wide going in there,” he continued. “I haven’t obviously seen a replay yet, but I had no intentions of turning him, and I’m sure we’ll talk it out before the next race,” Bell concluded.
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With a promise of retribution hanging overhead, it will be interesting to see how Busch settles his scores with Bell. Do you think Kyle Busch will bring ‘Rowdy’ back to tackle Bell? Let us know in the comments below!


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