NASCAR’s Ambiguous Policing Leaves Little Room for Wiggle As Corey Heim Gets the Short End of the Stick


It’s been a week since Ben Rhodes registered his second NASCAR Truck Series title win. While it all turned out in his favor, it went all downhill for Corey Heim. His on-track feud with Carson Hocevar attracted a lot of attention with NASCAR penalizing Heim. Given the chain of events, did the #11 driver really get a fair deal of treatment?
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In the 2023 campaign, several cautions have turned the tide for plenty of drivers. While Heim was unfortunately on the receiving end at Phoenix Raceway last Friday, his anger got the better of him.
Was NASCAR just with its decision to penalize Corey Heim for the wrecking at Phoenix Raceway?
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Last Wednesday, NASCAR reviewed the incident in the Truck Series finale involving Corey Heim and Carson Hocevar. Eventually, the former was found guilty of violating section 4.4.B & D from the NASCAR Rule Book used to monitor the NASCAR Member Code of Conduct.
In light of this violation, Heim was fined $12,500 and docked 25 points in the Truck Series driver standings. The incident resulted in 18th place and fourth (after the punishment) among the four title-eligible drivers. It is a pity given how wonderfully well Heim was racing and pushing for a title triumph.
However, recently YouTuber and NASCAR-passionate fan Eric Estepp questioned if the 21-year-old driver received the right treatment. Speaking about the incident, he reiterated how the incident between Hocevar and Heim completely changed the championship picture.
With the help of multiple cautions, Ben Rhodes came out with flying colors. While Estepp understood why NASCAR penalized Heim like how they did Denny Hamlin at Phoenix earlier this year, he had empathy for Heim too. He said, “I don’t blame NASCAR for stepping in but at the same time I’m just going to be honest I feel really bad for Corey Heim. He is getting the short end of the stick left and right.”
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Heim was having a tremendous run on Friday before getting wrecked by Hocevar first. With the latter moving to the Cup Series in 2024, Estepp explained why Heim did what he did. He said, “He [Heim] did nothing wrong yet saw his championship hopes go up and smoke because of another driver’s dirty actions and in NASCAR there’s no penalty for spinning someone out. Corey Heim is supposed to self-police and keep this in mind.”
While he didn’t question NASCAR’s penalty, Estepp certainly is keen on knowing what the governing body is ready to do to police aggressive driving like Hocevar did last Friday. Recently, even Dale Earnhardt Jr spoke on similar lines as he questioned Hocevar’s approach.
Dale Earnhardt Jr lays out a stern warning to Carson Hocevar following his Truck Series finale antics
What happened in the Truck Series finale was unfortunate but could have been easily avoided. Without a doubt, Corey Heim’s act was questionable but that surely didn’t make Carson Hocevar less guilty. Time and again, the new Spire Motorsports driver has been accused of wrecking drivers.
While it has affected his reputation, Dale Earnhardt Jr highlighted it specifically in the latest episode of his podcast The Dale Jr Download. He said, “We’ll cut to the chase here. Carson has done this so many times, and he went into the corner, hit Heim, and went up the track further. I am like, it’s indefensible, and him coming over the radio and going, ‘Walk me through what happened there.’ I am like, wait a minute, man, you know what you just did.”
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While pointing it out, Junior couldn’t help but feel worried about Hocevar risking the wonderful opportunity he has. He said, “There’s something innate inside his mental approach to all of this that really, really needs some work. And, if he continues this type of stuff, he’s going to ruin this incredible opportunity he has, because he is incredibly talented.”
It is indeed worth noting what Dale Jr said. With this in mind, should NASCAR be more vigilant against aggressive driving? Or would it take away the fun from the sport? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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