NBA will seriously screw over Lakers if new proposed rule goes into effect


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There are a lot of advantages to being a big-market team with a legacy like the Los Angeles Lakers. However, sometimes the very same things that give a team an advantage can also create a disadvantage. That seems to be the case if the NBA passes the latest proposed rule change.
In an effort to curb load management (and in turn promote the game and its top stars), the NBA could potentially implement new rules that unfairly treat teams that have star players or play on nationally televised games. A vote will take place on Wednesday.
ESPN Sources: The NBA’s Competition Committee has recommended stricter guidelines on resting players for national television games and multiple stars together in the same games. The league’s Board of Governors expected to vote Wednesday to pass the measures. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) September 11, 2023
According to Shams Charania, current discussions among league and team personnel indicate that a “star player” is defined as anyone who has made an all-star or All-NBA team in the previous three seasons. The Lakers have two of those in Anthony Davis and LeBron James while also having 27 nationally televised games in the 2023-24 season.
The proposed penalties would include fining teams, with the fines quickly escalating based on how many instances a team has of breaking the proposed rule.
Under new rules, teams would be fined $100K for a first violation, $250K for a second violation and $1 million more than the previous penalty for each additional violation, sources tell ESPN. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) September 11, 2023
Potential new NBA rule would unfairly hurt the Lakers
It is no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to get through the regular season with a good enough record to make the NBA Playoffs but not overextend the two star players. LeBron is entering year 21 and Anthony Davis doesn’t exactly have a clean bill of health. If there were ever two players who need to take advantage of rest, it is these two.
What really hampers the team is the nationally televised angle of this. Instituting harsher guidelines simply because more eyes are going to be on the game hurts the integrity of the sport. Yes, load management is also hurting that integrity, but creating different rules for different teams (which are solely money-based) is even worse for the sport.
That is like saying that any nationally televised baseball game will be played on a Little League field because more eyes will be on the game and dingers are cool. Or like saying that every Monday Night Football game will become seven-on-seven so there is more offense, because offense is cool.
It is completely unfair that a team like the New Orleans Pelicans, who also have 2+ stars by this definition, will have more leeway with resting their players simply because they don’t play on national TV as often.
There is nothing wrong with the league trying to curb load management and get star players playing again. The problem lies with the unfair nature of the league cherry-picking when to have harsher guidelines simply because it wants a bigger TV deal in two years.
All NBA fans have to do is follow the money and they will understand why teams like the Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and New York Knicks may have stricter rules than the rest of the league.


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