NCAA Tournament 2024: Stock Watch for Men’s Bubble Teams


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Seton Hall’s Resume: 14-8, NET: 65, RES: 57.0, QUAL: 64.5, 4-4 vs. Q1, 1-3 vs. Q2, 2-1 vs. Q3, 7-0 vs. Q4
Last Three Games: Win at DePaul, Loss at Marquette, Loss vs. Providence
St John’s Resume: 14-9, NET: 43, RES: 53.5, QUAL: 38.0, 2-7 vs. Q1, 5-1 vs. Q2, 2-1 vs. Q3, 4-0 vs. Q4
Last Three Games: Win vs. DePaul, Loss vs. Connecticut, Loss at Xavier
For both of these Big East bubble teams, it has been a slow slide toward the cut line as opposed to some drastic fall from grace.
Before they squared off on Jan. 16 (with Seton Hall getting the win at home), both the Pirates and the Red Storm were projected in the Nos. 8-9 seed range, which is definitively no longer the case.
If they played today, it would likely be a “Loser Leaves the Projected Field” type of showdown. (They do play again on Feb. 18, by the way.)
That’s because all they’ve managed to accomplish recently are a couple of wins over DePaul. St. John’s also had a home win over Villanova on Jan. 24, but they’ve both whiffed on two huge opportunities against the top three in the Big East (Connecticut, Creighton and Marquette) and also picked up a less-than-stellar loss to a team not projected to dance (Providence and Xavier).
Of the two, St. John’s has the better metrics, but Seton Hall has the better collection of top wins, knocking off both Connecticut and Marquette in Newark, and also getting a strong road win over Butler. The Johnnies have a hearty stockpile of decent wins, but nothing close to victories over the Huskies or Golden Eagles. And if it comes down to these two teams for one final spot in the field, Seton Hall’s marquee wins would arguably make the difference.


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