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In this realm of continuous evolution, Lightweight shines as a symbol of ground-breaking ingenuity and sophistication. As a prominent player in the industry, the brand has again surpassed all expectations with its newest masterpiece: the Obermayer EVO Signature Gold Edition wheels.
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Meticulously crafted with an unwavering dedication to perfection, these limited-edition rims are adorned with 23-carat pure gold leaf, solidifying their status as the epitome of opulence and extravagance. Let’s find out the story behind this beautiful creation and how it all came to be.
Lightweight creates a limited edition masterpiece
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Released in homage to the company’s founder, Heinz Obermayer, these exquisite wheels pay tribute to his vision for excellence. With only 99 sets available worldwide, each rim is a testament to craftsmanship and exclusivity. To ensure accessibility, 33 sets will be made available in Europe, Asia/Pacific, and the Americas respectively, offering enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of cycling history.
As one might anticipate, such lavishness comes with a steep price, with the rims carrying a hefty price tag of $8300 per set. However, for those with a taste for the finer things in life, the cost is more than justified by the unmatched beauty and performance of these wheel.
Not only do the Obermayer EVO Gold Edition wheels pay homage to the brand’s founder, but also serve as a tribute to the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. As Richard Carapaz prepares to defend his road race title, these wheels serve as a reminder of his momentous victory in Tokyo, where he rode to victory on a set of Lightweight wheels.
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Carapaz’s triumphant success highlights the brand’s legacy of excellence and its alliance with renowned champions on the global stage.
The thought behind the gold-plated beauty
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Indulge in the opulence of the gilded wheels, handcrafted with utmost precision by Rie Sel Design’s expert artisans. The 23-carat gold leaf, meticulously applied to the iconic Meilenstein logo, elevates the wheels to a level unrivalled. Whether on the road or on display, their beauty is simply too captivating.
Beyond their striking appearance lies a masterpiece of performance and technology. The Obermayer EVO Gold Edition wheels boast the renowned Meilenstein EVO rims, featuring a lightweight 48mm depth for optimal aerodynamics and agility. Weighing a mere 1380g for a pair, they offer the perfect balance of speed and stability. These wheels are a testament to the ingenuity and skill of Lightweight’s design team. Lightweight is a brand that knows the importance of meticulousness in the world of cycling. They consistently set the bar for excellence, and their latest release only solidifies their reputation as a leader in luxury and performance. Constantly pushing boundaries, they have given cyclist to experience the combination of their speed and innovation. “I Was on the Top”: 24-Year-Old British Cycling Champion Provides Candid Insights Following Consistent Victories in Tours and Classics


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