NHL style power rankings: Well-dressed Hurricanes, Mitch Marner, Patrik Laine and more


Does style rub off? Does it get competitive?
Maybe it’s none of those things; maybe it’s just luck of the draw. But we’ve definitely taken notice of the fashion sense of multiple players on a handful of teams through our first three NHL style power rankings.
This time around, it was the Carolina Hurricanes and Toronto Maple Leafs who gained multiple entries into our top 10. The Hurricanes led everyone with three players on the list.
Can someone top the Hurricanes in the future? We’ll be watching.
And now, on to this week’s rankings:
10 William Nylander Toronto Maple Leafs McKenzie: Nylander has every right to feel confident with his hot start to the season. The dark-suit-and-sneaker combo is a good match, even standing out alongside his well-dressed teammates. Now, Leafs fans, could you imagine Nylander’s outfit choices with a new contract extension in tow? Powers: You know Nylander was saving this look for when he was back in home in Sweden. The pinstripes suit him well. He keeps it casual with the few buttons open on his shirt and the Nike Dunks on his feet. Photo: Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs 9 Wyatt Johnston Dallas Stars McKenzie: Love the ensemble. I also dig how the tie matches his belt, which also goes with his shoes. (Pro tip: Your belt should match your dress shoes). My one beef with this outfit is the hat. For whatever, I’m not crazy about the gray beanie. It’s a bit boring compared to the rest of the fit. Powers: The hat doesn’t bother me. It’s mute enough to where it allows the spotlight to be on the suit. It is nice to have another young player who seems to be fashion-conscious. Photo: Dallas Stars Dallas Stars 8 Dylan Strome Washington Capitals McKenzie: Strome, even with a plain gray suit, was going to be a winner with those photos of his dogs inside his jacket. More creativity inside suit jackets and blazers, please! Powers: I reached out to Strome about the jacket. The pictures are of his two Golden Retrievers, Wrigley and Benny. “I’ll have to get another one with my third, Ollie, in it!” Strome wrote in a text message. Definitely love the personalization and creativity. Photo: Washington Capitals Washington Capitals 7 Tomáš Hertl San Jose Sharks McKenzie: I’m just glad the Sharks are winning at something this year. Anthony Duclair made an appearance in the rankings earlier this year, and now Hertl has found a way to look like money and make it on our list. Powers: I’m all for the posed look, too. It gives us a chance to take in the full fit, and it gives Hertl a chance to play to the camera. I love the color combination throughout this ensemble. Photo: San Jose Sharks San Jose Sharks 6 Patrik Laine Columbus Blue Jackets McKenzie: Laine had a similar outfit but with blue pants and a lighter jacket that I was not a fan of. I’m a much bigger fan of the darker jacket and purple pants. Laine takes his style seriously enough to where he’s willing to do clothing arrangements like this. I predict that Scott and I will rank him No. 1 at some point this season. Also, love the bag. Powers: No doubt he’ll work his way up this list throughout the season. He had been out for a few weeks and returned to action in this look. I’m a big fan of the purple pants. You need to have some confidence to step out in them. A nod to the Louis Vuitton bag, as well. Photo: Columbus Blue Jackets Columbus Blue Jackets 5 Jesperi Kotkaniemi Carolina Hurricanes McKenzie: When you’re a near-point-per-game player, you’re allowed to feel confident as Kotkaniemi has. The gray suit is a good look for the youngster, whose charm and poise plays a role in this week’s ranking. Powers: Kotkaniemi has a look in this photo of someone who might be selling suits. I’d buy one from him, too. I love the whole look, but what takes it over the top for me is the slight pink in the pocket square. It just pops with the color contrast. Photo: Carolina Hurricanes Carolina Hurricanes 4 Mitch Marner Toronto Maple Leafs McKenzie: Here’s a McKenzie hot take: I don’t hate the drawstring. Come at me. I love the velvet blue. Not many guys would try this. Powers: This look has grown on me since Julian first brought it to my attention. The velvet leisure suit is such a unique choice. Plus, you’ve got the two chest pockets and the drawstring trousers. I’m not sure everyone could pull it off, but Marner does. The sneakers look good with it, too. Photo: Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs 3 Mathieu Joseph Andre Ringuette via Getty Images McKenzie: Joseph’s look is extremely bold. He’s wearing an extremely loud color that makes him stand out in a league that encourages everyone to blend in. I like it. I like it enough to rate it top three in the rankings. Joseph is emerging as a style rankings favorite for Scott and I. Powers: I had no idea Joseph had this sort of style game before we took over the rankings. He just brings it week after week. His suit is an unusual, bold color, but it works nicely. The tie and pocket square also are solid complements to the suit. Photo: Andre Ringuette via Getty Images Andre Ringuette via Getty Images 2 Sebastian Aho Carolina Hurricanes McKenzie: Aho’s look is more traditional than some of our other entrants — but it’s damn near presidential. Or, at least worthy of a GQ magazine cover. The dark-green suit combined with the white shirt and tie work perfectly. The only reason why he doesn’t get No. 1 for me this week is because his teammate decided to boss up. It’s a good time to be a Carolina Hurricane when it comes to style. Powers: It’s all about this color on Aho. There’s a real classy feeling to this shade of green, and the stripes give it some added character. Additionally, I thought he matched the tie well. Photo: Carolina Hurricanes Carolina Hurricanes 1 Martin Necas Carolina Hurricanes McKenzie: Necas got it this week. The variations of pink and purple in his outfit combined with the white shoes … it’s near perfect. I spy with my little eye a matching pocket square, too. I’m not sure how into pink Marty normally is, but we support his style choices. Powers: This was a unanimous No. 1 selection for us. Again, it’s that bold color we’re always harping on. Necas chose a very striking suit and wore it pefectly. I love how the tie is a bit darker than the suit. The white shirt and shoes keep the focus where you want it, too. Terrific look. Photo: Carolina Hurricanes Carolina Hurricanes
(Top photo of Martin Necas: Josh Lavallee / NHLI via Getty Images)


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