NIL Problems Exposed by NBA Veterans as March Madness Rolls Around


If some prominent pundits are to be believed, then NIL is just becoming an instrument of exploitation for parents of budding athletes. Well, that’s how some erstwhile court wizards see the entity brand deals making rockstars out of rookies.
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The commentary and concern came when March Madness as the annual NCAA college basketball tournament is about to engage collegiate athletes in thrilling games. At the heart of this dissecting discussion is the big money that comes with a lot of pressure.
During an episode of Gil’s Arena, Brandon and Gilbert Arenas point out the dark side of NIL Deals. They went on to say that young athletes are not equipped to handle the pressure and attention that comes with big money deals.
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Brandon during the podcast says that the most important thing is for young athletes to learn to say no to people. He argues that parents can be overly ambitious and exploit their children. Gil points out that some parents are more interested in money than their child’s athletic career. There needs to be more rules and regulations in place, he asserts, to protect young athletes. Brandon suggests that money from NIL deals should be put into accounts that don’t unlock until the athlete turns 18.
The analysts argue that advocates are required to protect the interests of young athletes. Gil says that the outside people or lawyers should be similar to Krueger’s accounts that are used to protect child actors in Hollywood. “Parents should not be allowed to take advantage of their children and use their money,” Gil says, while voicing concern at parents who try to use their children for money.
Beyond Anguish, There’re Positives of NIL Deals
Beyond the buzz and brouhaha, it is important to understand that there are also potential benefits of the NIL deals. For example, NIL deals can allow young athletes to profit from their name and image. This was not possible a few years back when social media wasn’t there.
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Additionally, NIL deals can provide financial help to young athletes who come from low-income backgrounds and can boost their opportunities in professional sports.
Social media has led to fan engagement. This allows athletes from all levels to build followings and secure deals. Then these athletes can make a deal with local businesses or brands relevant to their sport. This helps athletes to create a vast playing field.
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But then, pundits have their own reasons to gun their opinion against the deals that now make many collegiate athletes more richer than some pros of the big league.


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