Not Andre Agassi’s Tennis but This Facet Attracted Barbra Streisand Which Led to a Whirlwind Romance Back in the 90s


Andre Agassi’s dating history had been a colorful one before he met his wife of 22 years, the legendary Steffi Graf. He had a whirlwind romance and turbulent marriage with actress Brooke Shields and a romance with Wendi Stewart, but in the 90s, he also had a short fling with another high-profile celebrity singer. Agassi dated the American icon Barbra Streisand, but he could not manage to woo the actress easily. In her recently released memoir, Streisand revealed some details of their time together, including what drew her to him.
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Streisand and Agassi were not an item for a long time. But they had to get creative to enjoy the time they had together and stay away from prying eyes. She also revealed the steps Agassi took to make sure the two could get some privacy.
The factor of Andre Agassi which attracted Barbra Streisand
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The eight-time Grand Slam champion was aiming for big accomplishments when he was a youngster. However, he was just as active in his dating life off-court. Many are aware of his chaotic romance with Brooke Shields, but not many know of the time he dated Streisand. The actress revealed her recollection of the story in her 2023 memoir, ‘My Name is Barbra’.
Apparently, Streisand found out that a young tennis gun, Agassi, admired her when she did not even know who he was. She revealed that the American called her to congratulate her on the success of her movie ‘The Prince of Tides’, in which she starred alongside Nick Nolte. Their conversation went on for a long time, as Barbra said, “We ended up talking for two hours.“
At that point, she still did not know what Agassi looked like, but she eventually saw him when he won his first Slam at Wimbledon. However, that was still not the factor that attracted her to him. She was drawn to Agassi because he was “nice-looking, and had good teeth!”
via Getty MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 17: Andre Agassi poses at the Lavazza Cafe at Grand Slam Oval during day four of the 2019 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 17, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images for Tennis Australia)
She congratulated him for the win, and that’s when the flurry of rumors began. When they eventually did start dating, the two had to go to great lengths to ensure they stayed out of the prying eyes of the media.
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The lengths Agassi went to for privacy
After the two stars started dating, the hot power couple were all the media could talk about. Paparazzi hounded them, and journalists kept attempting to get in touch with them. It continued for a long time, and Agassi realized that he had to get creative if he wanted quiet time with Streisand. In her memoir, Streisand wrote that Agassi hid himself in the trunk of his car when he had dinner plans with the actress.
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Aside from being public figures, their 28-year-old age gap did not help the fact that tabloids wanted to get information out of them. No one could get a clear answer out of the two. While amicable, they split apart not long after and went on to date others. Agassi eventually settled down with Graf, and Streisand would also go on to find her partner James Brolin, to whom she has been married since 1998.
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