Once an Intense Gambler, Jimmy Connors Clears the Air on How He Enjoys the NFL – ‘That’s Why I Quit..’


NEW YORK – AUGUST 28: Jimmy Connors, who coaches Andy Roddick, looks up looks on as he plays against Justin Gimelstob during day two of the 2007 U.S. Open at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on August 28, 2007 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by […]
With eight singles Grand Slam titles under his belt, Jimmy Connors has long established himself as a legendary figure on the men’s tour. However, despite his remarkable accolades, there was one thing that left a terrible mark on the American tennis legend’s name. Back in 2013, the Hall of Famer opened up about how he went all out and tried his hand at gambling even after becoming a well-known figure in the sporting realm. Now a decade after that honest admission, Connors recently shed light on his gambling situation while discussing the NFL playoffs.
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The former world No. 1 player’s passion for sports extends beyond the realm of tennis, as he also keeps tabs on NFL games. While talking about Kansas City’s controversial game against Baltimore, the ATP legend also opened up about quitting gambling.
Jimmy Connors gets real about his gambling situation
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In the latest episode of the Advantage Connors podcast show, the American tennis legend was asked to issue his honest take on a gambling controversy in the NFL community. Brett Connors asked, “What do you think of the teams that have made it? The 49ers against Kansas City. Kansas City was able to go on the road and beat Baltimore in the AFC championship. This one part that came out, there was all over gambling on social media that I want to get your take on that they assigned the head referee to the Kansas City game is known for favoring the road teams. What do you think of that stuff?”
In his candid response, Jimmy Connors revealed that he didn’t ‘deep dive’ into the game, while he also revealed that he only watches the NFL for ‘entertainment purposes.’ The former tennis ace said, “Well, I saw a little bit of the games say, I didn’t sit down and deep dive into either one of them. Just hearing that, you know, maybe that’s why I quit gambling (laughs). You know, no one that I don’t know what I should know.”
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He added, “You know, I don’t mind watching it but as far as you know sinking my heart into it, what kinda I used to, you know, what you do with the dolphins, I’m not gonna do that. You know, I watch for entertainment purposes now and again, but If wanna go and bet and gamble or whatever, I want to bet on myself.”
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What do you think of the American tennis legend going unfiltered about his gambling situation? Let us know in the comments section.
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