“One of the Most Difficult Seasons” – Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Veteran Driver Dissects the 2024 NASCAR Xfinity Season


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – JULY 24: Dale Earnhardt Jr., driver of the #88 Nationwide Chevrolet, stands in the garage during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Crown Royal Presents the Jeff Kyle 400 at the Brickyard at Indianapolis Motorspeedway on July 24, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Sean Gardner/NASCAR via Getty Images)
Preparations for the 2024 NASCAR season are in full swing. Teams are constantly analyzing and re-analyzing their prospects on the track. JR Motorsports is doing the same under the guidance of team owner Dale Earnhardt Jr. One of the team’s promising drivers, Justin Allgaier, gave us valuable insights into how the Series may turn out in the fresh racing season.
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The Xfinity Series of 2023 was one of continued heartbreak for the JR Motorsports team. Justin Allgaier came close to grabbing the top championship title but missed it by a narrow shave. Team owner Dale Earnhardt Jr was there to uplift his spirits. However, Allgaier has his eyes on the trophies in 2024, although it may be a tough year.
Dale Earnhardt Jr team driver explains the 2024 season in a nutshell
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Justin Allgaier is all set to head into the 2024 races, but with caution. In a recent interview with Fox, the Dale Earnhardt Jr’s veteran driver mentioned the lack of predictability. He explained: “You know, one of the biggest things that I see about 2024 that is new to me is, there are probably more turnover and change, and differences from one year to the next, with really not even the unknowns. A lot of times when we talk about change, we think about the unknowns, right.”
Allgaier moved ahead to point out some positive impacts of the constantly evolving scene. It could be exciting to work off the cuff and welcome entirely new challenges on the racetrack.
However, he stressed heavily on the possible drawbacks that can result. He said: “But on the other side of it, I look at it and I go: this could potentially be one of the most difficult seasons that we’ve had in a long time in the Xfinity series. Not because of anything other than, you’re not really sure who to watch for. There’s a lot of drivers that I feel like, when I look at the list of drivers that are competing this year: they can win races, they can win a championship. Teams, manufacturers, drivers. You know, so there are probably more unknowns of, ‘hey, who am I really gonna match up against’, you know going into the season that I’ve ever had.”
He also examined how the presence of more talented drivers may affect his performance. With more than 12 drivers enrolling as the championship contenders, Allgaier is apprehensive about the race. The larger number might lead to a tough battle to get into the playoffs and the final 4.
Justin Allgaier had given his best to win the Xfinity Series championship last year. The failure has steeled his nerves to go into 2024 with renewed energy.
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Dale Earnhardt Jr stood by Justin Allgaier after sad defeat in 2023
Last year, Justin Allgaier put up a tough fight to secure the first position in the Xfinity Series. He gave a stellar performance throughout the season and made his way into the Championship 4 field. However, fortune did not favor him and he narrowly missed the checkered flag. He was briefly in the lead after a wrong step by John Hunter Nemechek. But soon he was overtaken by Cole Custer, who won the race.
Allgaier lamented the defeat, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. stuck with him through thick and thin. The JR Motorsports owner said: “I walked up to Allgaier and said, ‘Man, I tell you, I don’t really, I don’t feel as heartbroken as I did last year.’ He goes, ‘I don’t either.’ We’re not going to stand here and pout. I said you know, I feel like we put up a good fight for it. We weren’t good enough.”
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Justin Allgaier is ready to turn around his fortunes for 2024. Could he lift the coveted championship?


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