Paris Olympics 2024: Returning to Track a Year After Giving Birth, 33-Year-Old Olympian Eyes Podium Berth


Amidst the electrifying buzz of the upcoming 2024 Olympics track and field trials and peak competition, a World Championship silver medalist stands poised at the precipice of her ambitions. Although many athletes are making a comeback on tracks this season, majorly due to the 2024 Paris Olympics, Christina’s case is quite different.
A year after giving birth to her daughter Kylo, Christina is making a return to tracks, standing as a beacon of hope to balance the demands of motherhood, along with the pursuit of excellence. However, her motherhood status was one of many obstacles on the road to the 2024 outdoor campaign.
Instead, she also has a bitter taste of near misses that she still lingers. Eventually, the 33-year-old track and field athlete not only learned to overcome the prevailing challenges but also improved her track and field skills and started to shine. But this is just preparing for the upcoming challenges on the road to Paris. How?
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Clemons’ 2024 Paris Olympics quest shows us she’s an inexorable juggernaut
In a recent candid interview with the Flotrack team, Christina Clemons sat and shared her insights about her performance at the 2024 Paris Olympics. The glimpse of the interview was then posted on the official X account of Flotrack with the caption, “@SheTheMann_ingis enjoying the ride during this big 2024 outdoor season, her first outdoor campaign since becoming a mom Clemons won the 100mH at Texas Relays in 12.79 (+1.3).”
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IAAF world relay’s gold medalist, Clemons, has been emerging as a symbol of perseverance as she sets her sights on the 2024 Paris Olympics. In the same interview, she highlighted, “Yeah, I just really want to stay on the gas. Like, I feel like throughout my entire professional career,”
She added, “I dealt with a lot of injuries, which would pull me back from the progression that I was having. I just want to stay healthy. …make this team and medal. I made a team in 2021. I didn’t come home with a medal, and I really felt like I could have. So that’s the goal. Well, as of starting now, congratulations.”
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As the 2024 Outdoor season unfolds, Clemons determination is intensifying, fed by the memory of the last missed opportunities and the hunger for success. Now, for her, the pursuit of excellence is not just a personal endeavor but more sort of testament to the countless hours of practice. Now, the question is, will she be able to prove herself right as she made a bold claim?


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