Paris Olympics 2024: Unfazed by Surfing Setback, Teen Sensation Sky Brown Embraces Challenge With No Pressure


Competing in the Olympics is a huge deal and feeling the blues is inevitable unless you are Sky Brown. The teenage sensation from Great Britain has emerged as one of the biggest hopes of GB in Paris. In an astonishing feat, the Japan-origin phenom clinched the World Championship glory in 2023 while she was just 14. Her triumph at the United Arab Emirates placed Great Britain on the elite skateboarding map as Brown was the first Britisher to achieve the feat.
And now, aiming for the Olympic gold in the Paris Olympics, Brown seemed nonchalant and carefree. While asked about the pressure and stress she is going through, the teenager gave an answer that potentially summed up why she is being touted as the next big thing in skateboarding.
Sky Brown sounds confident while missing out on double Olympic glory for Paris Olympics 2024
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A teenager of 15 years, aiming for double Olympic gold, is a statement in itself. Sadly, Brown had a bit of an anti-climax when she missed on her surfing qualifications by a whisker. However, this did not apparently dent her confidence, as was evident in her interview with The Guardian. When asked about how much pressure she is feeling, Brown stated, “I don’t feel pressure, honestly, having done it in Tokyo already.”
Brown referenced the instance when she won the bronze medal back in the 2020 Olympics at just 13 years old. Further shedding light on her Olympic dreams, Brown stated that although she is aiming for the medal, skating is all about showmanship. Even if her dreams of an Olympic gold do not reach fruition, Brown is fixated on putting up a bag full of tricks and entertaining the crowd to the best of her abilities in the upcoming Paris Olympics. Echoing the sentiment, the 15-year-old said, “Skating is really not about the medals. It’s about the show you put on for everyone.”
Brown further spoke about how she has improved on her game from the last time. She mentioned learning some new routines and feels that skateboarding is her strength now. However, for Brown, being competent in skating and surfing was not enough. She is also the proud winner of a coveted reality show that required immense dancing skills!
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Sky Brown clinches Dancing With The Stars at the age of 10
Back in 2018, when Brown was just 10 years old, she was crowned as the champion of ‘Dancing With The Stars: Juniors.’ Brown and her partner, JT Church, were the hot favorites coming into the grand finale. As expected, the duo presented an impeccable dance routine to walk away with the victory, making their mentor, Alan Bersten, proud.
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Brown looked elated after her triumph as she addressed the audience, saying, “I just want to say to everyone, you’re all winners and I love you all and am going to miss you so much.” Thus, when such a talented athlete wants to enthrall the crowd with her moves, it is evident that it will be some show. Will she be qualifying for the Paris Olympics this summer? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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