Paris Olympics: Suni Lee’s Final Decision About Missing Team USA Camp Gets Gymnastics World Behind Her


Suni Lee has captured the headlines with her latest withdrawal from the Team USA Camp Invite, while acknowledging the upcoming two Classic events that are due in April and May 2024. Training for her Classics at present, she determined this reason as her base for not going to the Camp.
The American and US Classic are the primary focus events for Suni Lee that will lead her to the Olympic Trials sooner. And, after qualifying for the two stages of the US Championships, she is all set to etch her name in the 2024 Paris Olympics this season.
Suni Lee, from ticking out on Camp Invite to ticking onto the Classics
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A recent post on Reddit by r/Gymnastics stated, “According to her coach, the reason she’s not going to the National Team Camp is to focus on training and “[try]to put some upgraded routines together for the next couple meets.” The post elaborated on Suni Lee’s absence from the Team USA Camp Invite that was scheduled at the beginning of April, to her picking up the American Classic scheduled for April 25-28 this year.
Considering her current training sessions as the prime reason behind her withdrawal, Suni Lee announced to sometime before the Winter Cup this year, “I’m in remission right now, so I’ve just been getting it under control and starting to work up into routines and getting ready for the season. I’ve been back in the gym every single day, eight hours a day, and it’s been going pretty well.”
Fans react to her amazing comeback decision
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Knowing that the American artistic gymnast has chosen the American and US Classic, over the Team USA Camp Invite, fans showed immense interest in the news and their involvement. The comments section of Reddit depicted one of her fans saying, “Smart decision to go to the American classic (as well the US later, I guess)” and “Exactly. It also seems like a less risky way to get onto the national team than through the camp.”
Analyzing her current decisions, Suni Lee’s fans also said, “Yeah, it seems like she’s refocusing on Paris, which seems like the smart move at this point.” While Gabby Douglas also had declared similar news a while ago, fans were perplexed about Lee’s status. Referring to the same, another fan wrote, “Can’t comment on what’s a smart move or not as I’m not a coach, but this quells a little of the worry I had about her (and Gabby) missing camp”.
“This makes sense. While getting a skill named would be cool, it’s a much lower priority than the Olympics. Suni doesn’t have much time to waste. As many have said, getting two shots to qualify for Nationals is good“, said another fan following the gymnast’s deep involvement in the Baku World Competition.
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