Position-by-Position Breakdown of 49ers vs. Chiefs Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII


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The difference in roster composition is most obvious at the most important position on the field.
The Chiefs have Mahomes. He’s one of the primary reasons they have made six consecutive AFC Championship Games. Mahomes isn’t just making a yearly case that he’s the best quarterback in the league; he’s putting together a Hall of Fame resume before he’s even 30 years old.
Mahomes and Andy Reid have forged one of the most successful quarterback-head coach relationships of all time. The coach has allowed Mahomes the freedom to operate in Reid’s offense on his own terms, and the pairing already has two Super Bowls.
“He doesn’t try to make you be this system quarterback or make you do what his offense wants to do,” Mahomes said in a SiriusXM interview (h/t Dan Pompei of The Athletic).
By contrast, the Niners have Brock Purdy. The final pick of the 2022 draft has an improbable story, and the biggest criticism he gets is that he’s a “system quarterback.” However, it’s what head coach Kyle Shanahan loves about him.
“Like, the job of a quarterback is to manage the game, and it is to run the system. The system is what you work on all week. That’s what the O-line works on, that’s what your five eligibles work on—that’s everything. And at quarterback, if you want to be great, you better be able to run that system and you better be able to manage the game,” he told reporters earlier this week.
Both are great fits for their team situation, but Mahomes is a force. He’s already 14-3 as a starter in playoff games with 39 touchdowns to seven interceptions.


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