Revealing Taylor Swift’s ‘Private’ Meetings With Travis Kelce, Kansas City Coach Welcomes 14X Grammy Winner to the Chiefs’ Clan


The Kansas City Chiefs enjoyed unparalleled success last season. And the team’s on-field and off-field life collided, as Taylor Swift became a part of the unit. The defensive backs coach Dave Merritt revealed her private meetings with Travis Kelce, much before the world got to know about the pair.
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While the world wanted to know more about this budding relationship, Coach Merrit kept the secret to himself. Now, as he lets the cat out of the bag, he also details the positive change that has occurred in the locker room because of the pop icon!
Taylor Swift came to the Arrowhead before the world knew
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Back in September 2023, the world for the first time saw the 14X Grammy winner supporting the Chiefs at the Arrowhead Stadium. But according to Merritt, this was not the first time she came in to be there for her beau. “When she started to come around, it was privately,” Merritt said.
“She was coming into the stadiums without people really knowing”, added Merritt, substantiating the claims that Kelce and Swift were dating before their appearance together. And the former New York Giants coach also detailed how the team rallied behind this situation.
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“The camera put a big spotlight on her”, said Merritt about the fact as the world got to know about the Kelce-Swift duo. He further added, “So what happened was she actually affected the team in a positive way. It wasn’t in a negative way. It was everybody was excited that Travis was happy”. However, on “The Best of the Sports Shop” podcast, the defensive backs coach explained how his views on Swift were formed. The team’s ultimate superstar Patrick Mahomes also echoed those views.
The pop icon becomes the little sister
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“Upon meeting her, I felt like that she actually added to what it was we were trying to do”, said the 52-year-old coach. And this transformed her into a part of the Chiefs’ Kingdom, rather than a pop icon in their eyes. “She’s just part of Chiefs Kingdom and she is part of the team”, Mahomes said in an interview earlier. Both coach and QB have expressed their happiness on seeing Kelce thrive with his girlfriend.
“You’re part of our family because you’re now with Travis. So, therefore, you’re our little sister…you’re part of the family”, said the 5X Super Bowl winner on the podcast. And Swift has played the part of the family, showing up for games that she can attend even when she must fly around the world to do so!
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Do you think Taylor Swift presence has been helpful to the Chiefs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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