Serena Williams Unjustly Dragged Into Simona Halep Doping Saga After Ill-Famed Tennis Star’s Controversial Claim


Among a huge list of tennis stars who are known worldwide, Serena Williams is a player with the least possibility of having haters by her back. While exceptions are a part of the sports world as well, Ilie Nastase came out to be the one who disregarded the success of the American tennis legend, joining the infamous Simona Halep drug scandal.
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While Nastase was imposed with a long ban because of passing a racist comment against Serena, his recent statement has yet again brought him into the spotlight of controversy.
Ilie Nastase re-ignites his rivalry with Serena Williams
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Simona Halep’s ongoing trial has been in the spotlight for a long time now. While the Romanian tennis star has a major similarity with Serena in the form of Patrick Mouratoglou, Ilie decided to use it against her. Mouratoglou recently claimed responsibility stating that his team unknowingly provided the supplement that led to Halep testing positive for the banned substance roxadustat.
Drawing the points together, Nastase created blame against Serena, stating, “I think that they (No. Mouratoglou’s staff) also included Serena Williams and others. If they gave it to Simona, they certainly gave it to the other players with whom she worked. I think so, I don’t think it’s Simona Halep is the first to receive this from Mouratoglou.”
As the Romanian tennis player dragged Serena Williams into the picture, he not only gave a restart to his controversy with the American tennis legend but also made an attempt to drag the attention of fans to a side that they are already concerned about.
Serena’s history with Ilie Nastase
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Former Grand Slam winner Ilie Nastase faced severe consequences as he gave offensive remarks during a Fed Cup tie between Great Britain and Romania. As the tennis player used foul language against co-players, he had to face a ban from any official roles in tennis until 2021 and a fine of $10,000.
Nastase ignited a controversy with Serena when he publicly made a racist comment about the potential skin color of Serena Williams’ unborn child while the Romanian No. 1 Simona Halep was discussing her. “Let’s see what color it has,” Nastase said. “Chocolate with milk?” His unacceptable comments not only invited immense hate but also brought authoritative actions against him.
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With his latest words, Nastase once again brings the spotlight to himself.
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