Shocking Olympic Games Statistics Unveil NCAA’s Unparalleled Supremacy


NCAA has for years provided a firm ground for USA athletes and beyond to make their way up the fields. Regulating around 1000 schools, the organization helps over 500,000 college student-athletes compete annually. In doing so, the NCAA or college sports has grown to be a valuable aspect for the USA National team by lending about 75% of the athletes to the Olympic games rosters and otherwise.
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A national team or the Olympic games often frame the ultimate goal for any athlete ambitious. On the path to achieving that, athletes find a trusting walk down the NCAA route. Recently unveiled statistics show exactly why the stance stands true today.
NCAA impact on Olympic games rosters
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The NCAA recently took to Twitter to highlight the representation of female athletes in college sports, further inclusive of Olympic games. While the organization boosted 226,091 NCAA female student-athletes, it also presented that 233 of those contested at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The number of total female athletes representing the USA itself stood at 330, leaving a minor room for difference. “Numbers don’t lie,” it wrote, and the impressive statistics followed along further.
During the 2020 Olympic Games and the Paralympics, college sports saw more than 1,000 current and former student-athletes contesting across 100-plus countries. Moreover, 80% of the 2020 National Team members constituted current or former student-athletes.
“College sports provide invaluable resources for so many aspiring Olympians and Paralympians,” NCAA President Baker said. “It’s where they train, compete, and get an education to be the best in the world.” Building on past success, the NCAA and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) have continued to work together to enhance awareness of the importance of college sports.
Pursuit of greatness
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As a collaborative measure, the NCAA and the USOPC have together put forth an agreement with three to focus on. The first strategy focuses on operational aspects, working to enhance the student-athlete experience and elevate sports efficiency. The second on the list caters to the Paralympics with an initiative to expand adaptive sports opportunities in college.
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The measures will include wheelchair basketball, paralympic track and field, and wheelchair tennis. As for the third area, the focus lies on joint promotion or rather on strengthening the practice. The efforts will be made to highlight the value of the Olympic Games and Paralympics opportunities on the college level.
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“Through this partnership, we are elevating the experience for the countless athletes who are simultaneously competing at the collegiate level and representing Team USA. As we forge ahead, we eagerly anticipate marching together towards the Paris Games, united in our pursuit of greatness,” USOPC CEO remarked.
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