Skip Bayless Sends a Plea to NFL Post the ‘Crippling’ Tackle That Injured Mark Andrews


The entire football world had their hands at their mouths when Mark Andrews was tackled. Everyone knows that injuries are a part of the game. Footballers tend to get injured way more than other sports persons. But should such tackles be legal?
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That is exactly what Skip Bayless, the sports columnist, brought up on his show ‘Undisputed’. This is an important discussion to have, especially in the light of the Ravens’ Mark Andrews’ season-ending injury. And Skip Bayless didn’t shy away regarding the serious issue.
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Mark Andrews will not play the season
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It is easy to see how a season-ending injury could be a career-ending as well. Skip on his show said, “It was not pretty last night, what happened to Mark Andrews”.
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However, the 28-year-old TE showed grit and determination even after getting injured. Skip’s calls to outlaw such tackles are loud and clear. The tackler aka the Bengals LB, Logan Wilson, is facing heat!


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