Tennis News: Rafael Nadal Finds a Morale-Boosting Fan in Nick Kyrgios Amid Comeback Struggles


The whole tennis community is eagerly waiting to see Rafael Nadal back on the court. After the tennis star’s recent attempt to be back at the Australian Open failed due to an unexpected injury, there is nothing certain about what happens next.
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Along with the fans who keep discussing what his next move could be, renowned members of the tennis community like Nick Kyrgios also seem to be eager to witness Rafa’s action again. As the Australian tennis pro recently interacted with his fans on social media live, he expressed his deep desire to see the Spaniard back.
Nick Kyrgios makes a wish to see Rafael Nadal back
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Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has got himself back into the tennis scene without actually making a comeback. As the tennis star has been gaining value because of his words meeting a commentator gig, he recently used it to extend his support to Rafael Nadal.
Expressing a desire for the Spanish star’s return to the courts, Kyrgios conveyed his admiration for Nadal’s amazing portfolio, stating “I want him to come back, man. He’s one of the greatest of all time. Sad to see.” Kyrgios’ words not only reflected his eagerness to see the legend back but also echoed the voices of countless tennis fans.
Nadal, who has been sidelined due to recurring injuries with the most recent one during a match at the Brisbane International, is expected to be seen in Doha and Indian Wells. While there’s still no confirmation from the Spaniard’s team, it still remains to be seen if he fulfills the wishes of his fans or keeps them waiting.
Kyrgios’ wish likely to be true at Indian Wells?
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The fans recently received an amazing surprise as they spotted Rafael Nadal’s name on the Indian Wells list. As the tennis star’s protected ranking is enough to make him a part of the tournament, there are chances that Nick Kyrgios and countless other fans on the line will be able to see their favorite star back.
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Along with Rafa, Djokovic also confirmed his entry in the event. While the stage is being set and the anticipation is high up in the sky, a confirmation and an update on the Spaniard’s health is still awaited. If he agrees, Doha is likely to be the first step for the tennis legend to begin his run once again.
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