Tennis News: Serena Williams’ Ex-Coach Patrick Mouratoglou Faces Flak for Being Selfish With UTS


Over the past few years, the sport of tennis has seen massive modifications and the introduction of new concepts. From the revision of the Davis Cup format to replacing line judges with technology in some tournaments, these modifications have often caught the headlines. One such path-breaking concept was the introduction of the UTS, by Serena Williams’ former coach, Patrick Mouratoglou. However, he has faced massive criticism of late over this new league.
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Mouratoglou founded the UTS in 2020 along with businessman Alex Popyrin, father of Alexei Popyrin. While the league is a fast and furious version of tennis, it coincides with the ongoing season. Here’s what actually happened.
Serena Williams’ former coach slammed for promoting his league
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The upcoming UTS event will take place in Oslo over the coming weekend. It is set to feature some of the top ATP stars on the tour like Andrey Rublev and Casper Ruud. As a result, these players will miss this week’s ATP tournaments happening worldwide.
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A former French tennis star, Jean-François Caujolle, wasn’t impressed with the fact that players were missing the ongoing ATP 250 tournament in his native country for the UTS event. Thus, he slammed Mouratoglou for promoting his interests over the main tour, saying, “There is a UTS stage in Oslo, with certain players who could have come to the Open 13. And that offends me, yes.”
Further, he went on to add, “What is the interest of the promoter Mouratoglou? For me, he doesn’t promote tennis. He promotes his own interests, that’s all.” (Translated using Google Translate)
Despite this, Mouratoglou is a strong believer that the UTS is made for the future of the sport. He once revealed why he initiated this concept for the betterment of tennis.
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Mouratoglou hopes to renew interest in tennis through UTS
During the UTS event in Frankfurt last year, the legendary coach was interviewed and asked about the reason behind the introduction of the UTS concept. Patrick Mouratoglou pictured this concept for the future and changing fan dynamics.
He said, “If we don’t renew the fan base and don’t bring in new people, it is going to fade away. That’s a fact. All the studies that have been made show the same thing. Everybody knows that, but it is difficult to make drastic changes as all the traditional fans will be upset. That is why I did UTS.”
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There is always going to be two sides of every coin. While some might be in favor of the UTS, others will oppose it. Do you think the UTS is good for tennis? Let us know your views in the comments below.
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