“That’s Bulls**t” – Dale Jr Firmly Rejects Denny Hamlin’s ‘Common Sense’ Demand for NASCAR After COTA Confusion


Denny Hamlin is known for his controversial comments and while people close to him usually appreciate some of the things he has to say, there are times when they don’t. One such man was Dale Earnhardt Jr and the topic of discussion was, of course, the track limits rule at COTA. In a recent episode of the Actions Detrimental podcast, Hamlin said that NASCAR should let the drivers sort themselves for one lap after a restart before enforcing the rule, calling in “common sense”, but Junior was having none of it.
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Dale Earnhardt Jr believes Joe Gibbs Racing star’s suggestion would cause chaos
The two-time Xfinity Series champion spoke about the matter on a recent episode of The Dale Jr Download podcast when his attention was brought to Hamlin’s comments by one of his co-hosts. Now, Dale Earnhardt Jr and Denny Hamlin are close friends, but neither one of them has ever shied away from voicing their opinion when they believe something is wrong. That is exactly what the 49-year-old did when he heard what his friend had suggested NASCAR to do.
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“That’s bull**. He can’t do that. It’ll be chaos. Like everybody would be all over the damn track. Like they’ll be way off. And then you’re gonna have to go, ‘Well that was too severe’. Now the box is big for a lap and then it gets a little small? I mean, no. Come one, Denny. Denny didn’t have a lot of time to think about that one,” he said.
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The point that Dale Earnhardt Jr disputed was the organizers showing some leniency to the NASCAR drivers. COTA was built as a Formula One track and its layout favors those cars a lot more than stock cars, which are not suited to quick sharp turns. But, what was the ‘Common Sense’ theory that Dale Jr refuted.
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What was Denny Hamlin’s ‘common sense’ argument?
Speaking about the matter on his podcast, the driver of the #11 car said that when cars do not gain an advantage by cutting a corner. Hamlin believes that on restarts, the esses is the only part of the track where the drivers can loosen because nobody was going to gain an advantage running door-to-door in that situation.
“I think, that that’s the only place where we could really loosen up a little bit is that when the field’s running two by two through the esses, no one is gaining an advantage. They’re just trying to gain line of sight. So, I think that you could just use a rule and it’s called ‘The Common Sense Rule’ and that is as long as someone does not gain an advantage by you know cutting the esses or, you know, to get position maybe on someone on a restart, let the guys, give them a foot, you know, give them a little buffer zone,” he said.
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It will be interesting to see what solution NASCAR comes up with for next year’s COTA race. Who’s side of the argument are you taking, Denny Hamlin or Dale Earnhardt Jr? Let us know your thoughts.
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