The Definitive MLB Jersey Power Rankings for 2024 Season


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Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images
For everything that’s wrong with the Oakland Athletics franchise—which is, well, just about everything—it has an iconic color scheme that still pops in what may be its waning days in the Bay Area.
The Oakland Coliseum has long since passed what should have been it’s expiration date, but there’s something about a bright sunny day at the once-vibrant stadium where the A’s are rocking their white home uniforms that read “Athletics” across the front in a cursive script.
Their green caps with yellow brims and “A’s” written on the front don’t get mentioned enough in the conversation for best caps not only in the sport today, but ever.
On the road, the A’s have one of the better gray jerseys in the sport, with the “Oakland” script across the front. For away games, Oakland makes the switch to a darker shade of green for its cap, with yellow trim around the white “A’s” on its hats.
Still, the best uniform in the A’s rotation is unquestionably their Kelly Green “Oakland” uniforms (top of the article), which features a matching Kelly Green cap and works both as a home and road alternate. If someone said that was the best jersey in baseball today, it would be hard to disagree.
Worth knowing if you’re a baseball historian is the incredible story of how the elephant became associated with the A’s franchise, and it is now featured on the sleeves of the three jerseys mentioned above.
On one hand, the A’s franchise began play in 1901, previously calling both Philadelphia and Kansas City home. It would be a shame if it relocates to Las Vegas if it doesn’t take the A’s brand with it given that it’s hardly a guarantee Oakland would ever get another team.


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