‘This Hurts’- Dominic Thiem’s Saddening Proposition Proves Hard for Tennis Fans to Accept


PARIS, FRANCE – MAY 30: Dominic Thiem of Austria reacts during match against Pablo Andujar of Spain in the first round of the men singles at the French Open Tennis Tournament at Roland Garros in Paris, France on May 30, 2021. (Photo by Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Dominic Thiem surprised the world in 2020 as he won his first grand slam after three finals. He joined Medvedev as the only other player from his generation to win a grand slam. However, an injury in 2021 would derail his career. Once ranked third, Thiem now struggles to persist in the top 100. After two years of constant struggle, Thiem recently shared a message that shocked his fans.
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A knee injury would cause Thiem to step back in early 2021. It would be followed by a wrist injury after the French Open, which caused him to drop out of the entire season. Now, Thiem is at his rope’s end.
Speaking to Des Standard, Dominic Thiem shared his mental struggles. He told the paper that he sees 2024 as his last chance. “I’ve been back for two years since the injury, and I finished 100 or so in 2022 and 98 last year. If I finish the year at 100 again, you have to consider whether the whole thing is still worthwhile.” His comments horrified his fans as he might be on the verge of retirement.
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Reading Thiem’s comments became a dreadful moment for one fan. He hoped he could rise back to his level and have a good run at a major. As per the fan, he needs consistency more than anything and said that it was sad to read a guy of Thiem’s caliber considering retirement.
One fan said that they hated tennis because both Thiem and Andy Murray are closer to retirement.
The read became difficult for another fan, and they hoped that Thiem would come back to the top this year.
Another fan felt distraught reading his statements. They further said they enjoyed watching him play on tour and hope for a great comeback.
One fan simply said that they will likely shed tears.
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While Thiem is pondering over his position in the sport, he is not focusing on the money. In the same Der Standard interview, he said he never did it for the money and doesn’t value it over the feeling of being at the top. “I’ve been chasing the feeling for a long time, really like that again in a match. To play tennis the way I can. And the way I demand of myself.”
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Thiem has shown us great performances over the years. Reading about him pondering retirement just as he turned 30 years old will sadden any tennis fan. 2024 will be the most important year for him as it will spell his future in the sport. How will it pan out for him?
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