Tony Stewart Takes Time Out for Fans as He Features at the Grand


CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA – OCTOBER 14: Tony Stewart speaks during the press conference held at the zMAX Dragway on October 14, 2021 in Concord, North Carolina. (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images)
Tony Stewart has a multifaceted persona incorporating a legendary racing career. The owner of Team Stewart-Haas Racing has three Cup Series championships to his name. The Hall of Famer has bought entire tracks and racing events and has refused to slow down, accumulating thousands of fans over the course of several decades of his racing career.
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Tony Stewart was invited to the opening of Ollie’s new outlet in Moline, Illinois. The stardom of this legendary racer was evident in the long queue formed by fans in the early morning hours and interacted with the fans.
Hundreds of people lined up to meet Tony Stewart
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Stewart met hundreds of people and signed everything from books to collectibles. Fans shared stories about his earlier cars and races, which filled him with nostalgia. He relayed how much it meant to him to see his childhood books and meet people who had followed his career from the very beginning.
“You know seeing a Karter news, which was when I won the Grand Nationals at the age of 12. To see a guy that brought that magazine to get it signed, I’m like I haven’t seen that book for probably 10-12 years since somebody brought one. So to see the history and what the path of all these people, how they became fans of us.”
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The racing champion was also moved by the countless ways his fans bonded with him throughout the years.
Tony Stewart recalls early memories after meeting longtime fans
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With his team preparing for the next race in this crucial playoff season, Stewart took this time out to meet the people who have supported him all these years. He was approachable and interactive, and his admirers were thrilled to chance upon this jovial side of the racing stalwart. The sight of this celebrated sporting personality playing with a fan’s dog melted their hearts.
Stewart explained the reason each relegated tale was so meaningful to him. Each person’s visit made him recall the various milestones of his life, as they all had a unique connection to them.
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“That’s the fun part about the stories is, it’s very different. Everyone’s story is different about how they became a fan of ours and what they enjoyed watching us run. But we ran a lot of different cars and you know, a big span of time. So it’s neat to hear their stories.”
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