Top Landing Spots for Blues Winger Pavel Buchnevich Amid NHL Trade Rumors


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Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
The Penguins are in a scary place right now. They’re an older team that’s beyond desperate to return to the playoffs, because it’s getting uncomfortably close to the time when you wonder if the next time they make it might be the last time for a few years.
Pittsburgh is somewhat stuck in a position to make sure they can do everything possible to get Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang back to the playoffs and potentially make a miracle run at one more Stanley Cup.
This motivation is why they dealt for Erik Karlsson and why they locked up Tristan Jarry long-term. The Pens also need to build up their prospect base, and dealing away high draft picks won’t really help with that. Former GM Jim Rutherford damned the torpedoes and always went for it. While that worked out for two Stanley Cups, hoo boy, are we seeing the other side now, as they’ve got very few prospects on the way.
Any team in a “playoffs or bust” position will always seem to be better off making the big deal than not doing it, and getting Pavel Buchnevich into the mix with Crosby and Malkin up front would seem like a great idea, depending on the cost. Trouble is, making a hockey deal would be tricky, and they should be nervous about moving picks and prospects.


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