Top Teams Interested in Dylan Cease? Thin Pitcher Market Impacts White Sox Ace’s Trade Value


Picture this: a piping hot stove, MLB offseason rumors sizzling, and Dylan Cease, the Chicago White Sox’ firebrand pitcher, right in the middle of it all. With free agent starting pitchers scarcer than a win in December for rebuilding teams, whispers of a Cease trade are swirling louder than a fastball. So, who among baseball’s finest needs this flamethrower, and why should they act fast?
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First up, the Boston Red Sox. Remember their lackluster free agency moves? Yeah, fans aren’t thrilled. Enter Cease, the potential ace they desperately crave. Sure, he wasn’t lights-out last season, but his pre-2023 brilliance screams “upside.” He pairs perfectly with Brayan Bello for a future Bostonian pitching dynasty, offering both strikeouts (Cease) and groundball mastery (Bello). Plus, Fansided points out that his extra year of control compared to other options makes him a sweeter deal—next, the Atlanta Braves.
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They already boast a rotation that strikes fear into the hearts of batters, but why stop there? The LA Dodgers’ billion-dollar spending spree demands an answer, and Cease could be it. He fills the void left by the impending departure of Max Fried, fits their timeline, and comes at a bargain price. Plus, being an Atlanta native might sweeten the pot for re-signing later (bonus points for hometown loyalty!). But wait, there’s more!
The Baltimore Orioles, fresh off their surprising Corbin Burnes acquisition, could double down with Dylan Cease. Their farm system is overflowing, and he can simmer on the back burner while they address other needs. He elevates their rotation instantly, taking pressure off young arms like Grayson Rodriguez and Kyle Bradish. Imagine an Orioles with Burnes and Cease—the nightmares Yankees fans would have, are enough to fuel an entire season! But there’s a surprise contender on the list.
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Just when fans were prepping for a Blake Snell Cy Young parade, Seattle Mariners shifted gears, setting their sights on Cease. Why the switch? Apparently, Snell’s hefty price tag cooled their ardor. Cease, younger and potentially cheaper, is their new flame.
The White Sox won’t just give him away for zilch; they want a package they can use for a long time. Risky? Maybe. But Cease’s strikeout prowess and potential are undeniable. Plus, the teams aren’t restricted to just him; they might still snag other talents available in the thinning pitching market in this year’s free agency.
Why Dylan Cease is the hottest trade ticket in the thinning free-agency pitching town
Starting pitchers are rarer than a win in December for rebuilding teams. So, with options dwindling, why is Cease’s name scorching the trade rumor mill? Here’s a comparison with his fellow arms on the market—a clear indication of why he might be the perfect puzzle piece for the teams still missing an ace.
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First things first, money talks. Blake Snell’s $270 million price tag makes him a budget-buster, while Jordan Montgomery’s north-of-$172 million asking price isn’t exactly chump change. Dylan Cease, on the other hand, comes at a steal with a salary of just $8 million (currently) and two years of team control remaining. Talk about a bang for your buck! Sure, Snell had a Cy Young-worthy 2023, but consistency matters. Cease has shown flashes of brilliance in 2021 and 2022. Plus, he’s younger, offering more long-term potential. His durability is also a big factor looming over other options.
Jordan Montgomery’s a solid option, but his injury history raises concerns. Brandon Woodruff, another name tossed around in the free agent market, is coming off major shoulder surgery and might miss the entire 2024 season. Cease, while not invincible, brings a clean bill of health to the table, making him the most reliable option right now.
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While acquiring Snell or Montgomery might require the teams to drain out a hefty pile of greens, whispers suggest the White Sox are open to a package built around young arms for Dylan Cease’s trade, like Seattle’s Bryan Woo and Bryce Miller. This could be a win-win, allowing teams to hold onto their core pieces while adding a future star in Cease.
Dylan Cease offers a unique blend of affordability, upside, and durability in a market starved for pitching prowess. Whether you’re a contender looking for that final piece or a rebuilding team laying your foundation, he could be the missing ingredient that takes your team to the next level. For the fans hearing his name swirling in trade rumors, pay attention. This rising star might just be the ace you’ve been waiting for.


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