UFC News: CM Punk Supported Dana White With UFC 203 Debut, Insider Reveals How


Remember the time professional WWE wrestler CM Punk decided to join the UFC? Yes or no, the move was interesting and without question, controversial. Punk had an interesting time in the UFC even though it was rather short and now, someone is talking about it all over again.
CM Punk is one of the most popular wrestlers on the planet and right now he’s signed to the WWE. Now, the wrestling organization is merged with the UFC but his debut and retirement from the sport happened a very long time ago. Was it illustrious? No. Was it grand? Unfortunately, no. But was it on the cards to take somebody’s place? Did Punk do at UFC what he has accused the Rock of doing at Wrestlemania 10 years ago?
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Chael Sonnen is sure CM Punk was replacing no one
Chael Sonnen is a veteran and a legendary UFC icon. Not only that, he’s somewhat close to CM Punk, and recently, he brought the whole topic up in a video on his YouTube channel. Sonnen said that Punk was a surprise to everyone including himself.
However, he also believes that CM Punk wasn’t in the sport to replace anyone. He never claimed to be the next big thing or to come down and shake up the UFC world. So it was unfair to him when everyone bashed him for somehow stealing the food out of other fighters’ mouths by being on the main cards as a first-timer.
“I will tell the story the way that it happened and Punk can never come in to take somebody’s spot,” Sonnen said. “I mean just for example like when when he got assigned to the pay-per-view I remember that like creating waves and I but I couldn’t believe it did when we found out that he signed and he was coming to the UFC.”
“. . . he never claimed I’m the next George St-Pierre he never claimed anything he did not say these words but I wish that he would have because it was presented from this standpoint.” Sonnen argues that perhaps CM Punk could have sold himself a bit better since everyone was expecting his debut to be this big deal. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so at all. Either way, he did his best in the UFC to help sell the tickets.
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Punk’s short-lived MMA career
CM Punk fought exactly twice in the UFC. First, his debut match against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 and then against Mike Jackson at UFC 225. Both times he failed to claim a victory which put a rather sad end to his MMA career.
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His first fight against Gall ended in a rare naked choke in the very first round back in 2016. Punk seemed to struggle against his opponent and perhaps that’s why he decided to take his time before stepping back into the cage. So the next time he fought was in 2018. The match would go on for 3 rounds just for it to end in a unanimous decision win for Jackson. In 2021, CM Punk would retire from MMA.


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