Veteran Crew Chief Brutally Slams NASCAR’s Controversial Bobby Isaac Memorial Decision: “Only Wanting an Explanation and Answer”


For the past few years, NASCAR has been stringent about its car inspections. In order to keep the sport impartial and maintain parity among the teams, the authorities are on their toes. NASCAR does not shy away from dishing out hefty penalties for breaching the rules and sets strict precedent for other teams to remember and follow.
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However, can the authorities be right in all circumstances? Can there be no gray area that the authorities fail to justify, or can the authorities be impartial to all the teams without the hint of favoritism? While a good deal disagree and believe that very few sports are as transparent as NASCAR, for others it is nothing less than a myth, especially after the annual Bobby Isaac Memorial race at Hickory Motor Speedway.
NASCAR Insider bashes authorities for lack of transparency
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The iconic track of Hickory Motor Speedway has occupied a coveted position in the hearts of NASCAR drivers and enthusiasts alike. The oval track has witnessed the rise of one of the finest racing car drivers, who eventually carved their own niche in the world of stock car racing. While a significant number of drivers have braced the track at Hickory, only a few are still celebrated to date, one such legend being Bobby Isaac.
Isaac, who had notched 37 Cup Series victories, had been one of the drivers to participate in the 1977 Late Model Sportsman series. However, the day turned out to be a tragic one after Isaac collapsed on the track due to heat exhaustion and later passed away due to a heart attack caused by exhaustion.
On account of this, every year the track hosts a memorial race weekend to commemorate the rich legacy of the driver. Due to this, the authorities did not fail to organize the 47th edition of the race on the track on Saturday. However, the race was mired in controversy regarding its winner and the faulty inspection of the cars by the authorities. Many drivers and teams took a dig at NASCAR’s partial way of conducting its inspection.
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The winner of Saturday’s race was Kade Brown, promoted by track operator Kevin Piercy. However, the victory was termed controversial, as many considered that Brown’s car had illegal modifications that eventually led him to victory. Nevertheless, the governing body upheld their judgment and declared Brown the victor.
Having said that, the announcement did not sit well among the racing community, especially the veteran crew chief Lee McCall. He took to Twitter and requested a more transparent judgment. He expressed, “This is by no means a bash session. Only my thoughts are being in the sport for so long. Why hasn’t NASCAR released a statement regarding the part or pieces passing inspection once they deemed the part legal at Hickory that was presented sent to the R&D center[…]”
He also added, “No disrespect to anyone or NASCAR but I think competitors are only wanting a explanation and answer[…]”
Livid fans side with the veteran crew chief
This eventually resulted in fans being enraged by the governing body and how they acted with double standards. Many took to Twitter to slam NASCAR for the outcome of the race.
They wrote, “NASCAR should be thankful the NCAA exists, otherwise they would be the worst professional sports organization in the world l.”
“Lee has been around for a long time, Very knowledgeable and not wrong here!!!”
“Transparency has never really been Nascar’s thing though.”
Others also wrote, “You would think that eventually a person would do something to try to gain some positive publicity…..but instead continues to gain more and more negative publicity.”
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“It’s terrible to have to compete against a “house” car or truck. Even if that car is legal it’s the optics of it all. And even though everyone gets mad at Hickory they all go back the next week. There is no incentive to be more transparent or fair because the cars are showing up.”
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With that being said, more often than not, there are gaps that are left during the inspection. This can often be detrimental for the team and their drivers. We hope that the authorities are able to provide a better justification.


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