Victoria Azarenka Delves Deep Into Why Venus and Serena Williams Forced Their Rivals to Always Play Catch-Up


The tennis scene has changed significantly since Serena and Venus Williams rose to prominence. A tremendous force in her own right, Victoria Azarenka provides a fresh viewpoint on how the sport has changed in terms of its physical demands in response to the Williams sisters’ pioneering influence. The unmatched physical prowess and supremacy of the Williams sisters on the tennis court changed what was considered feasible.
The Williams sisters started playing the game at a time when most players’ primary attributes were guile and patience; their groundstrokes were intricate, ineffective motions that could not keep up with the rapid tempo of the game. But soon, it changed as history saw the rise of two powerful figures in tennis. Talking about this, Victoria Azarenka pointed out the “change” that both the sisters brought to the game.
Victoria Azarenka reflects on the evolution of tennis as an impact made by the Williams sisters
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Since the Williams sisters ushered in a new age marked by explosive serves, blazing groundstrokes, and lightning-fast reflexes, the tennis community strongly feels Azarenka’s sentiment. Their superiority forced rivals to reassess their exercise plans and challenge the limits of their physical capabilities. “I feel like Serena and Venus really changed the game, the physicality of the game, and then everybody had to just, you know, kind of try to catch up and elevate their physicality.”
When Azarenka considers the current tennis landscape, she observes that the game has evolved for the better. “So now, I think the game is different. It’s faster; it’s stronger,” she further added. Her comments emphasize how the Williams sisters’ combination of strength, speed, and athleticism caused a seismic change in the world of tennis.
Every facet of the sport, from the ferocity of rallies to the incredible athleticism on display on the court, demonstrates this growth. Azarenka further talked about how the recent scene in terms of physical fitness differs from when she started her career.
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Azarenka points out how tennis is getting “bigger” and more “physical”
Recalling her early days on the tennis court, the two-time Grand Slam Champion mentioned how few players had personal fitness trainers when she first started. Azarenka did note, though, that there has been a noticeable change in the last few years, with all players expected to have a physiotherapist and personal fitness trainer on staff.
“When I started just playing on tour few players who we traveled with a fitness trainer. And now everybody travels with a fitness trainer and a physio. The team, as we get bigger, the game becomes more physical,” the Belarusian said.
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Although the Williams sisters may have sparked a change in tennis toward a more physically demanding style of play, their lasting influence comes from their capacity to motivate a new generation of players to rise to the occasion and pave their own route to success.


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