Video allegedly showing five trans players playing in women’s volleyball game sparks outrage


Five transgender players reportedly dominated a recent women’s college volleyball game in Canada – sparking outrage online, including from tennis great Martina Navratilova.
Canadian website Rebel News posted footage showing three trans athletes playing for the Seneca Sting and two for the Centennial Colts in a Jan. 24 game last month.
The trans athletes played throughout the full game — while biological females were left warming the benches, according to the right-wing website that regularly turns up to sporting events with trans competitors.
The five were also dominant in the game, helping Seneca win the best-of-five series, beating Centennial by a score of three games to one, the site said.
Rebel News said it attended the game after a tip-off — angering match officials and staff, several of whom asked them to leave and stop filming.
The site’s David Menzies was filmed repeatedly asking people there, including Centennial coach Andrew Mallory, why they were using “male players.”
4 A video allegedly showing five trans players taking part in a Canadian women’s volleyball game has sparked outrage. Rebel News/YouTube
“I’m not,” Mallory replied bluntly.
Rebel News claimed that its “volleyball insider told us that the situation is so dire that it is no longer safe for biological women to compete,” claiming that two female athletes recently suffered concussions in incidents involving trans women, including one who played as a man last season.
Its tipster said that at least six trans women play in the women’s league, which is governed by the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association.
4 Three biological males played for the Seneca Sting and two for the Centennial Colts, according to Rebel News. Rebel News/YouTube
The league’s policy states that a “trans female (MTF) student-athlete being treated with testosterone suppression medication for Gender Identity Disorder or gender dysphoria” cannot compete on a women’s team until after “completing one calendar year of testosterone suppression treatment,” The Blaze reported.
The video from the Jan. 24 game sparked a backlash, further angering many already concerned for the future of women’s sports.
“Just how wrong is this? Yup, this wrong,” tennis legend Martina Navratilova commented to an X post of the report and footage. “This has to stop!”
She was replying to a post by British-Italian author and entrepreneur Paola Diana, who wrote: “This is not diversity. This is cheating. This is insanity. This is misogyny.”
4 The conservative news outlet said the trans players were clearly dominant. Rebel News/YouTube
4 Seneca won the best-of-five series, beating Centennial by a score of three games to one. Rebel News/YouTube
“Men identifying as women take FIVE starting positions on two female college volleyball teams,” self-described grassroots activist Scarlet Johnson wrote on X.
“Actual women sit on the bench watching men in pigtails play the entire game. Five women lost scholarships. The female players lose opportunities & incur injuries,” she added.
The Post has reached out to Centennial and Seneca Polytechnic for comment. The OCAA could not be immediately reached.


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