‘We Know It’s Muchova’ – Rebel Wilson’s Situation-Ship Bombshell With Female Tennis Star Keeps Fans Guessing


Karolina Muchova rarely found herself in the spotlight for the matters of her personal life. While the tennis star’s official relationship status would still appear to be single, the fans do not appear to be very convinced about that. Recently, famous actress and comedian Rebel Wilson shared how her bonding with female tennis acted as a pivot in her life. While she decided to keep the name as a mystery, fans took the liberty of solving it.
Rebel Wilson recently unveiled the details about the undiscussed chapters of her life. While the famous celebrity mentioned how she thought, “I could give up my career for this person, travel around the world on the tennis circuit,” because of her bonding with a player, fans came forward and guessed Karolina Muchova’s name as the possible entity.
As the series of comments started, a fan wrote, “stop not muchova actually”, indirectly hinting at the rumors of the bond between Muchova and Wilson.
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Another fan, reshared a selfie of the tennis star and the famous celebrity together, along with taunting with a, “who it could possibly be” response. On the other hand, another comment, clearly stating that the bond between Muchova and Rebel Wilson is known to everyone already, said, “we know it’s Muchova”.
A fan delved into details as he marked two different times when Muchova publicly regarded the presence of the famous celebrity at Wimbledon 2019 and the French Open 2023.
Another fan, confirming the fact that the world already knows who she’s talking about, urged the Australian celebrity to, “just name her”.
With these and several other similar comments down the line, the fans made it clear that they are aware of the bond shared between the two, even though Rebel Wilson decided to not unveil it.
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Rebel Wilson relates her feelings to a ‘fresh can of tennis balls’
Australian actress Rebel Wilson made sure to drop details about her feelings for the tennis player that she mentioned she was involved with. Along with explaining the basic aspects, Wilson drew comparisons of her feelings to unpacking fresh tennis balls, stating, “I describe it as cracking open my heart. Like you could open a fresh can of tennis balls…that’s what it did to me.”
Along with that, she also explained how she started to relate the love songs to that particular bond, stating, “I guess, when I saw people write love songs or poetry about love, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s nice’. But I don’t think I’d ever understood that until I felt that for a person.”
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Although the story of the Australian celebrity still remains an unsolved mystery, the reactions from the fans appear to have a confident take.


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