Weeks After Belittling 7x NBA Champion, Gilbert Arenas Accuses NBA Veteran of Twisting His Claims


LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 16: Retired NBA basketball player Gilbert Arenas attends The Rise Challenge presented by Kmart at Microsoft Square at LA Live on July 16, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Keipher McKennie/WireImage)
Former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas retired from the NBA more than a decade ago. However, he has continued to stay associated with the basketball world with his polarizing takes. His latest remarks about a 7x NBA champion weren’t received well, causing both sides to engage in a war of words. Arenas launched his own defense recently.
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It all started back when Arenas was asked to choose between James Harden’s $300 million contract with zero rings or the 7x champion’s $54 million contract. Along with siding with Harden, Arenas chose to belittle the former Los Angeles Lakers star’s accomplishments.
Gilbert Arenas thanks the man who called bulls**t on 7x Champion’s comment
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Gilbert Arenas recently took to his Instagram story to share a moment that took place during the latest episode of his No Chill Gil Podcast. The 3x All-Star was reacting to a video featuring 7x champion Robert Horry, which highlighted him bringing up Arenas during a conversation.
via Getty Lakers from left Tyronn Lue, Brian Shaw, Robert Horry, Shaquille O’Neal and Ron Harper in Philadelphia. (Photo by Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
Horry had claimed that Arenas accused him of being someone who rides on the “coattails” of every team he was with. One of Horry’s co-hosts proceeded to say “Well, that’s bulls**t”. Arenas paused right at this moment to thank the co-host for making the comment. “He got caught up by his own host. Thank you, white man,” said Arenas during the clip.
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The 3x NBA All Star made it clear that Horry’s “coattails” comment was not what the latter made it out to be. “I did not say this. I did not say he was hanging on other people’s coattails” Arenas added. “He’s projecting. “Not feeling like he made his disdain against Horry clear, Arenas took a dig at the latter’s nickname. “Big Shot Bob. I mean, that could be a great basketball name or, like, straight po*n title.”
Highlighting the moment on social media, Arenas captioned it by writing “I said ill take 300 million over 7 rings and Robert Big shot, made up his own version of what I said,” accompanied by a few laughing emojis. The former player went so far as to name the YouTube Link “Lying Azz Bob”.
Robert Horry called Gilbert Arenas an “idiot“
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Gilbert Arenas and Robert Horry have been engaged in a feud for quite some time now. “He has seven championships, and he made 54 million which clearly tells you he was never a main guy, he was just a dude on a team,” Arenas had initially stated in a podcast.
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The clip caught the attention of the 53-year-old. During an episode of ‘Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry’, the former player brought up the issue. He mentioned that the remarks were heard by his wife as well, who was visibly upset with them. This compelled her to ask her husband to respond on the same. Robert Horry, however, came out with a mixed message.
“I don’t want to read it. I told my wife I don’t want to hear it because you know I don’t argue with idiots,” said Robert Horry. While the 7x champ claimed that he didn’t have anything to say to Arenas, his “idiot” remark seemed to be a statement in itself.
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What are your thoughts on the Gilbert Arenas-Robert Horry feud? Let us know in the comments below.


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