‘What Can You Do at 53?’ Andre Agassi Hits Back at Overly Demanding Tennis With a Major Pickleball Upside


MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 17: Andre Agassi poses at the Lavazza Cafe at Grand Slam Oval during day four of the 2019 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 17, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images for Tennis Australia)
Former American tennis legend Andre Agassi dropped a great revelation about his liking for the pickleball sport. This retired tennis star is gearing up to face off against John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova with his legendary wife, Steffi Graff, on the 4th of February.
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Earlier, Andre Agassi played the Pickleball Slam’s debut edition last year and defeated McEnroe, partnering with old pal Andy Roddick. Now that the second edition is almost knocking at the door, Andre Agassi, who previously spoke about his hesitation towards the sport, brings out some of its positive factors.
Andre Agassi: Pickleball ‘really blends with my process’
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In a recent podcast titled The Greg Cote Show, Agassi revealed that he loves pickleball because he finds this game more appropriate for athletes who have retired or turned older. Agassi commented, “I am so into it. I mean, I am so into it, man. It’s not even like comparative right, or it’s like pickleball or tennis players. There’s no reason why these two areas can’t play nicely in the sandbox.
Adding on to the demands of tennis as a sport, Andre Agassi further added, I have played tennis my whole life. It is by far the most demanding of all racquet sports as it relates to when you step on it, feel you never know where you’re gonna get to the bottom of your tanker, if you’re gonna get to the bottom of your tanker. I mean, all that up, you know, did my life playing tennis, but nevertheless, what can you do at fifty-three years old that you can actually say that you’re getting better at? Right?”
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Andre Agassi didn’t stop but additionally focused on how it is adding value to their personal lives. He said, “It’s like, from an athletic perspective, it’s like, I love that fact that it really blends with my process, of just my processing. And it’s like unlearning tennis in a lot of ways, and then I also love how it is driven in the sense that I mean that me and my wife has gotten into it. We actually exercise; she’s a great athlete. Through it, I mean we have friends who have come to town that never played it; you can get people to get with their whole different levels, and everybody can age with it.”
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The statement truly influenced people because Andre Agassi was correct when he mentioned how pickleball is for everyone, irrespective of age. Since tennis requires a lot of strength and physical fitness, players retire at an early age. However, pickleball is a sport that offers equal energy and fun but is wrapped in a less stressful fitness regime. Therefore, Andre Agassi’s keen interest in the sport is revealed, and his reasons truly make sense to his fans. So, what are your opinions about the pickleball sport’s efficiency?
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