Where will A’s play before Las Vegas move? Five options as team plans ‘revolving group’ of home stadiums


The Oakland Athletics’ move to Las Vegas took a big step forward Thursday morning as MLB owners unanimously approved the relocation. Las Vegas is set to be the fourth home for MLB’s most mobile franchise, at least in modern history, following Philadelphia, Kansas City and now Oakland.
We can’t be sure about the branding just yet, but the A’s will not fully be moved into their Las Vegas home (a proposed $1.5B ballpark with a retractable roof off the Las Vegas strip), as the plans indicate, until the 2028 season. So where will the team play between 2024 and 2027?
Do not bet on the A’s having just one home before 2028. I wouldn’t even bet on just two. Apparently, they’ll be roaming. That’s far from ideal but nothing about this situation is ideal. It has happened, however, so now it’s time to deal with the repercussions.
Where will the A’s play until they open their shiny new toy in 2028? Here are five options which could be used to piece it together:
1. Oakland Coliseum
The A’s still have a lease with Oakland for this ballpark through the 2024 season. It doesn’t sound like they want to stay at the Coliseum after the lease runs out, however. The A’s specifically told Major League Baseball they’d have a


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