Will Chevrolet Be Playing Catch-Up With Ford and Toyota in 2023 or Continue Their Consistent Performance


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Is Chevrolet losing ground on Ford and Toyota by not upgrading their machine for the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series season? In a sport where results and championships can be won by fractions of seconds, an upgrade of a car can prove decisive in a championship battle. Chevrolet won last season with 18 wins, while Toyota and Ford only managed 10 and 8, respectively. However, the story this season could be very different. Ford will roll in the new Dark Horse Mustang, while Toyota will see its very one Camry XSE in action for the 2024 Cup Series.
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With both Toyota and Ford unleashing their new creation, they are expected to run better, at least in theory. Echoing the same sentiment, Bubba Wallace’s spotter, Freddie Kraft, in a recent podcast explained the dynamics of the new cars and how Chevy could be playing catchup to them in the NASCAR Cup Series 2024.
Chevrolet stuck in a limbo
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Toyota only serves three Cup teams, 23X1, JGR and LMC. Whereas Chevy and Ford have big team rosters under their banner. The biggest takeaway is Hendrick Motorsports in this scenario under-driving the Chevy car. It was 2021 when they last won the championship and since then, it has not been a welcoming sight for them to see Penske lift the trophy twice.
Freddie Kraft, speaking on the ‘Door Bumper Clear,’ show, highlighted the potential gap between Chevy against Ford and Toyota. He said, “The problem with Chevy is is that their car went away, the model that they used, so they will have to figure out what they want to do with their new car before they can redesign(…) But if everybody takes a little step forward, they could be caught chasing themselves a little bit this year.”
He went on to explain how prepared and geared up Ford and Toyota are for the NASCAR Cup Series 2024. “I think Toyota is very optimistic that they’ve made improvements and I’m sure Ford is feeling the same way and Chevys going to have to play catchup if they don’t get any better.”
However, despite Toyota and Ford bringing in their new cars, Chevrolet with Hendrick Motorsports are still the biggest competitors for any teams in the Cup Series team in 2024.
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Chevy will be banking on HMS’s firepower to prove its case against Ford and Toyota
Two years without a championship looks like a blemish for Hendrick Motorsports. This is largely because of their nature on the racetracks. Team Penske might have won the 2022 and 2023 Cup Series titles, but by no means was it a walk in the park. On paper, it seems like the Fords and Toyotas will have an edge over Chevrolet, but HMS’s two drivers can turn the tables in their team’s favor.
It has to be noted that both the new cars have not seen a lot of race time and that is where a line between the two groups will be drawn. By no means have Chevrolet cars been slow in the last few seasons. In fact, it was Kyle Larson (No.5) and William Byron (No.24) finishing just behind Ryan Blaney in #2 and #3 position. Not to forget, the HMS lineup also features Chase Elliott, who is looking for redemption after an abysmal showing in 2023 where he only managed to finish 17th.
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With Larson and Byron in the fold, Chevrolet will be in the championship contention for Cup Series 2024 despite not having a new car. Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see what Toyota and Ford have been cooking for the upcoming season.
Despite Not Having a New Car, NASCAR Insider Puts Chevrolet in Contention for a Championship With HMS


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