‘Wins the Masters by 5’: Scottie Scheffler Breaks the Internet With Unbelievable PGA Tour Milestone Moment


Scottie Scheffler is not the man to browbeat anyone. At least his peers on the PGA Tour. But if his overwhelming dominance on the course looks intimidating, is there anything the burly man of 6’2’’ can’t do? For the record, Scheffler achieved another rare feat on the tour. That’s about three in this month alone, and fans want to know if there is any stopping the Texas product.
The eight-time PGA Tour winner shot his 28th round consecutive rounds under par. It stretches from the Hawaiian greens to the Bermuda grass at Memorial Park Golf Course via the Poa Annua on Spyglass Hill. Do you get the picture?
Scottie Scheffler has separated himself from the pack
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The PGA Tour tweeted that with his 5-under 65 at the Texas Children’s Houston Open, Scottie Scheffler became the first player in history to shoot under-pars in 28 consecutive rounds. That effectively means Scheffler has yet to score even par or over par this season. What’s more staggering is that, Scheffler has shot 70 or over only six times in the span of three months.
Scheffler has shot 64, his lowest this season thrice, the first at the second round of the Sentry and the last at the final round of THE PLAYERS Championship. Stats guru Justin Ray tweeted that this was Scheffler’s 32nd 65 or lower in the last three seasons, leading the next-best Xander Schauffele by seven in that front.
But that’s just one of the many records the former Texas Longhorn star made this year. Scottie Scheffler is also the fastest player to bag $50M in the Tour’s history. Scheffler took 113 tournaments compared to Jon Rahm’s 144, and Tiger Woods’s 177, Marca reported.
Only last season, Scheffler became the highest earner in the PGA Tour breaking his own record set a year before. The eight-time PGA Tour winner pocketed $21M last season thanks to his 17 top-tens from 23 events. Moreover, a neck injury couldn’t stop him from defending his title at THE PLAYERS Championship. Fans are wondering who, in anybody, can stop Scheffler at this point.
Fans are baffled, astonished, and stunned
Scheffler’s only drawback was putting which kept him away from the winner’s circles a handful of times. But that seems to have changed with a hot mallet putter in his arsenal. Noting that one fan commented, “If this new putter takes form (as it has last 2 weeks) he’s going to be winning a lot. Overwhelming Masters favorite.” On that point, many agreed. Some of them even predicted that Scheffler would win by five strokes.
Funnily enough, far from his best at the Memorial Park Golf Course, Scheffler still tied for the third spot. He missed the first four greens and yet carded a bogey-free 5-under. “Today was the most casual 65 I’ve ever seen. And he didn’t even hit his irons particularly well,” one X user commented.
Scheffler is slowly separating himself from the pack, towering over his peers on the Tour. Some believe “it’s not a fair fight.” On that point, many would perhaps agree, even Rory McIlroy and Shane Lowry as well. Another user too, commented that Scheffler is in a “different class” now.
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Comparisons with Tiger Woods are inevitable at this point. His elite ball striking has been the talk of the golf town for more than a year. Last year, his SG: tee-to-green (2.614) was second only to Tiger Woods (2.982 in 2006) since strokes gained tracking began in 2003While it’s too early for that, Woods dominated the field for a decade, and Scottie Scheffler joined the Tour only in 2020, some can’t resist.
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Scheffler though likes to stay in the present. He admits he is fiercely competitive, but doesn’t consciously chase records on the course. Rather, it’s “one shot at a time” for the 27-year-old. Good for him that it is paying dividends in bucks. And records too.


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