With 172 Days to Go, Olympian Mykayla Skinner Sends a Strong Message for Women Representing Team USA in Paris


A retreat from a well-established gymnastic career isn’t always in the wake of a mishap or pessimistic reasons. Such is the story of the 2020 Olympic vault silver medalist Mykayla Skinner, who mindfully drew a line to her celebratory career after the post-COVID event. On Simone Biles’ withdrawal due to Twisties, Skinner turned her Olympic medal dreams into reality in the wink of an eye. As another Olympics is nearing, the new mom is reminiscing about the good days and inspiring the active US Olympics hopefuls simultaneously.
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Mykayla Skinner takes a walk down the Olympic lane
The official Instagram handle of Inside Gymnastics Magazine announced something to keep fans hooked to the space. Captioning the post as “A few words from Olympic silver medalist Mykayla Skinner to the next generation”, Inside Gym is hinting at an extended conversation session with Skinner. But the quotes they chose from the discussion were enough for her fans to apprehend where she was coming from. The 27-year-old said, “Enjoy the moment, be present and cheer each other on. Just love it. I love seeing these Elite gymnasts taking the college route and cheering each other on, having that sisterhood, being there for each other.”
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Considered “one of the top gymnasts in the world”, Skinner registered with the University of Utah to collect wins and praises in the course of her journey. Moreover, having made several strides at the NCAA Gymnastics Championships and the Pac-12 Championships, her love for the ‘college route’ was clear from her statement. Extending her wishes to her Team USA compatriots, Skinner made headlines. Someone who grew up with Shawn Johnson as a role model, she is in a position where many want to walk her path now.
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Olympian-turned-mom has many to inspire
2023 has been a year of joy for Skinner and her husband since her daughter Charlotte Jane graced their lives with her arrival. Focussed on lifestyle content now, the 27-year-old is now a vlogger as well. She said, “It was super cool to take off on YouTube and do some stuff on social media.”
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“Still so crazy to think that I went to the Olympics and won a silver medal. Still doesn’t feel real”, Skinner, who has a lot of strides to make in life, said. Her motherhood journey wasn’t easy, but her resilience showed colors as she trained herself alongside her husband to get used to the parent life. We’re eagerly waiting for Inside Gymnastics to release the full conversation with the 2016 Rio Olympics alternative.
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